Who you calling "entry level?"

Despite its status as the most affordable wetsuit in Zoot's line, the Men's Wave 1 Full Wetsuit packs a serious punch of performance in the water—all without draining your bank account for training gear and entry fees to your local triathlon series. It's an ideal wetsuit for those just starting out, seeing it's constructed with Yamamoto #38 neoprene for longevity and outstanding value. To ensure comfort in the water, the hydrophobic nylon lining locks in thermal warmth as you're swimming across ocean bays and lakes.

However, just because it appeals to price-conscious triathletes doesn't mean it sacrifices much in the way of swimming performance. You'll find a variety of Zoot's signature design features, such as GLIDEflex grooved chest panels for greater lung expansion, as well as an SCS hydrodynamic finish along the chest and thighs for a slippery profile in the water. Another standout feature are AQUAlift buoyancy panels, which raise your hips in the water for an optimal swim position and greater efficiency when the clock's counting against you.

  • Excellent performance-to-price for starting out
  • Yamamoto #38 neoprene for durability and value
  • Hydrophobic nylon lining for thermal comfort
  • GLIDEflex grooved panels for lung expansion
  • AQUAlift buoyancy panels optimize efficiency
  • SCS hydrodynamic finish reduces friction
  • DORSALflex rear zipper maximizes stretch
  • SCS double neck closure is watertight
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