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Born to swim.

Bringing you the optimal balance between flexibility and floatation, the Zoot Women's Wahine 3 Full Wetsuit uses the latest technology to perfect your stroke, body roll, body position, and overall hydrodynamics in the water. Starting with the Yamamoto SCS AEROdome construction, thousands of air pockets between layers of neoprene provide up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene, which helps places the body high in the water to achieve the most efficient swimming position. Then, its hydrodynamic Super Composite Skin finish reduces friction to allow the wetsuit to glide through the water with less wasted energy. Helping to raise your legs and torso, the AQUAlift buoyancy panels in the lower core give you a lift to put your body in the most effective swimming position that lets you maximize power and speed.

COMFORTcell Gold ensures you're wrapped in comfort and warmth through colder waters, while the Melco tape and spot reinforcements help prevent flushing while bolstering the suit's overall durability. Zoot’s proprietary leg patterning, OKD (Optimal Kick Design), works with the anatomy of your legs to enhance your kick velocity, frequency, and efficiency, which reduces leg muscle fatigue to give you a stronger kick throughout the entire swim. Meanwhile, the premium patterned FLEXback design throughout the back and shoulders of the Wahine 3 enables a full range of motion during the catch and recovery phase to keep sore, fatigued shoulders at bay. An innovative PROarm proprioception panel allows for stroke feedback and promotes flawless technique and maximum power transfer, and the gender-specific ergonomically-shaped panels ensure you have just the right fit and your speed and range of motion are never compromised.

  • Pro-level tri suit with ideal balance of flex and float
  • Air pockets between neoprene layers boosts buoyancy
  • SCS coating reduces friction for smoother stroke and glide
  • Buoyancy panels raise legs and torso for maximized power
  • OKD works with your anatomy for faster, stronger kicks
  • Patterned back and shoulders enhance flex for less fatigue
  • Back-zip entry stays out of your way and is easy to use
  • Suit includes changing mat and gloves
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