Convenience on the climb.

The V-Werks BMT 94 Vacuum Climbing Skins by Volkl add a whole new level of convenience to dawn patrol days. The adhesive surface produce vacuum-tight closure without the use of glues, and the Skin Pin secures these skins to your Nanuq skis. Volkl's special Mohair Mix gives these skins an exceptional grip that glides with ease. Their midlayer features a waterproof film to prevent moisture buildup, and the durable baselayer resists crimping as well as stretching for durable longevity.

  • Mohair Mix skin surface
  • Skin Pin
  • Waterproof midlayer
  • Stretch-resistant baselayer
  • Adhesive surface
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Volkl needs to be honest re this product

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

As an avid Volkl supporter for over 25 years I recently purchased their BMT109 with their pre cut Vacuum Climbing skins and have used them extensively in New Zealand, Iceland and Greenland. Their ease of fitting and removing is fantastic and the easiest of any system I have used. Their problem is twofold.
Firstly, I found them difficult to adhere to my ski's in wet conditions and with multiple use. Through trial and error (because Volkl do not provide sufficient advice and supporting information as to the limitation of these skins) I determined that you must keep your skins as dry and free from snow as possible for them to stay attached to the sole of your skis. The skin storage bag
they provide has a cloth material to wipe the skins and sole of the skis before fitting the skins. Provided you do this they work reasonably well. Secondly, the skin pin is excellent however the clip at the rear of the skin is very poorly designed and continually slips resulting in the back strap of the skin becoming detached. The problem appears to be the small teeth do not hold the back strap and I continually have to move it forward a millimetre or two each time I put the skins on. After 20 days use it started to hold a little better but again a poor design. I believe these vacuum skins have been available from Volkl for almost 4 years and there are many online reviews with many pointing out the same limitations. Why have Volkl not explained these limitations to their customers and given clear instructions as to how the skins need to be used and what is likely to happen if the instructions are not followed. Very poor communication from Volkl and disappointing. I believe most of their products are technically in the excellence category and they have allowed an accessory product such as this to let them down and damage their brand image.

Let me down

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

The only part of my touring set up that let me down.
I got the BMT109 version of the vacuum skins and tested them on a half-day tour in Tahoe: they're getting returned. The tail clips would not stay on the skis regardless of well they were tensioned, which meant the skins fell off, which meant they filled with snow, which meant they were damn near useless.

The skins are delightfully easy to put on skis, and they glide and stick well when attached, the rest of the experience was an unwelcome distraction and annoyance in the mountains.

excellent... with a huge caveat

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've got about 120 days of skin/ski on my universal vacuum skins. Mostly VT with a few days in the Utah backcountry. If you are going to own only one pair of skins... these are most definitely NOT for you. With that said, within a sort of narrow usage profile they are awesome.

Most of my outings tend to be one lappers... bring the skis inside next to the fire. Warm them up while I gather gear. Apply skins and head out for a one lap up (top of Mansfield - about 2000' moderately steep uphill) and ski out to the car. In over 100 times out the skins have never failed me. Incredibly easy to apply, pull and take care of. I washed them off at the end of the season and they look like new.

On days when I know that I'm going to be doing laps, I carefully brush off the skins and store them on an inside pocket of my jacket (so they warm up a bit) on the way down. As long as the temps are close to freezing, the skins warm up enough to be able to reattach them for a second lap.

BUT... you are f'd if you stray outside of this use pattern. On a steep traversing skin up untracked terrain the lateral force on the skin nearly always pulls them off. Once they fail, you stand no chance of putting them back on at all on a cold icy sk. In warmer conditions you might be able to get them back on by putting them inside your jacket and having a long lunch while they warm up...

I thought about returning them but for me the incredible ease of use and durability combined with the fact that I'll never have to suffer through the reglue process makes them a keeper.
For an unpredictable longer outing I would for sure opt for a traditional glue skin.

Waste of money

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I’ve used these skins for over a year now in Jackson Wyoming, I would estimate 40 days on them. Skied them in conditions as low as 5 degrees F, and also in wet corn snow. They are certainly easy to use in that they can be placed and removed with ease, however the 100 seconds they’ll save you in transitions does not make up for having to re-apply them 3 times an hour because they don’t stick to your bases. In mid range temperatures they do a decent job, but once it gets really cold or warm they are infuriatingly poor products. Also the tail attachment mechanism will loosen itself over time and contribute to the problem of the skins falling off.

Questionable adhesion.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

First, the good: When these skins stayed on my skis, they did a great job. I like the skin pin system quite a bit.

Unfortunately, after taking them out in varied conditions, I find that the adhesive simply does not function in seriously cold weather – I had no issues with them in temperatures above 25F, but at -5F they were neigh unusable, detaching from the bottom of my skis on even a short tour. This poses an obvious safety hazard, so I would strongly recommend other skins.

do not work

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Agree with the other reviews, these do not stick to the base adequately and pose a risk. Even with careful drying of the base they still come off. Do not work for 1 x ascent, forget it if you are doing multiple laps or long tours. I have asked Volkl if they have a "glue skin" pre cut for the BMT ski but got no response. Thanks to backcountry for giving me credit for the return. Looking for a skin that will work well on this ski, advice ?

Don't Buy These Skins

    These skins don't stick well to the bases. Yesterday, my skin came off during a climb in a really steep spot. It was a serious safety issue. I have been fighting to get these to stick to my bases since last spring. These are going in the dumpster. Tail clip won't stay on either. I have the 109mm size.

    If you value you your life, DO NOT buy.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    In the backcountry, your skins are your life, which is why you should not buy these skins if you value your life. I recently completed a 6 day tour in the Alps with these skins. Every single day except for one warm day these skins failed to stick to the skis. Another friend of mine also had these skins on the tour and the same exact thing happened to him. Therefore, my experience is not an isolated incidence. Everyday, we used duck tape to keep the skins from falling off. Those on the tour with traditional glue skins did not experience this lack of adhesion to the ski. To make matters worse, these skins are more expensive than traditional glue skins. Although the Volkl pin system is convenient, it is not worth risking death as the rest of the skin will just fall off leaving only the tip attached. In my testing before the tour, the skin adhesion failed one time during an exceptionally cold day (-27 F). I contacted backcountry with my concerns, but they couldn't do anything. Then on the Haute Route these skins failed every day. Their failure really ruined my experience because I was constantly worried about the skins falling off, and me suddenly losing traction. Backcountry, you should stop selling this item because they are absolutely unsafe. If you are considering buying them, DO NOT. Again, my friend had the same problem. If you own these skins, do not go into the backcountry without an ample supply of duck tape. As you can see in the picture, me and my friend had to tape the skins both in the middle and at the tail. In conclusion, buy at your own risk.

    If you value you your life, DO NOT buy.

    How were the BMT 94 skis on the Haute Route ? I'm going to be doing this and was concerned about the skins as I have had the same issue. I have found that on repeated taking skins on/off I have to be really careful to dry the ski with the bag but even if I do this they still come off.

    Hi JMH, I was on the Volkl Nanuq and my friend was on the BMT 94 skis. The skis were great; it was only an issue with the skins. Volkl sent him a pair of Colltex skins that integrate with the ski to replace the vacuum skins. Whatever you do, do not take them on the Haute Route!

    Thanks Joseph. I ended up buying the Pomoca skins for these as I never even got a response from Volkl ! I had hoped that buying skis and skins at over $1000 might come with some sort of customer support but I guess not. Glad to hear the ski worked will though.