Under Armour Coldgear Wool Base Crew Top - Men's
Under ArmourColdgear Wool Base Crew Top - Men's

The best of both worlds.

A wool baselayer on a cold day can seem like it was sent from the heavens, but it only goes so far when it starts wearing holes, and doesn't flex with your movement. When your trusty wool base layer is starting to wear on you, reach for the Under Armour Coldgear Wool Base Crew Top. With a polyester-merino wool blend, you've got the best of both worlds, the warmth, feel, and anti-odor properties of merino wool, and the stronger, 4-way stretch, and warm even when wet characteristics from polyester, topped off with wicking properties from the both. Moving better in every direction, this base layer will fit snug against your skin, going unnoticed when you're skinning through the backcountry, or reaching for a new grab in the pipe, but not so tight that you feel like you're rocking a speed suit. Ideal to throw on under a jacket alone on a warmer day, or underneath your fleece layer on the mornings where the temperatures dip into the negative.

  • A wool-blend baselayer for winter warmth
  • Polartec Power Wool combines wool and synthetic
  • Merino wool provides warmth, wicking, and fight odor
  • Polyester increases durability, adds 4-way stretch
  • Next-to-skin fit ideal for layering on top of, but without a tight squeeze
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Under armour wool top

    So soft and lightweight but so toasty warm! This goes great with the mens leggings, which I also bought. It is perfect for these cold winter days for sport or if your job requires you to work outdoors.