TrangoPhase Carabiner

For whatever phase of climbing you're in.

Trango designed its Phase Carabiner for any type of climbing whether you're just starting out or you're heading up on your most epic multipitch ascent yet. This biner weighs in at about an ounce, and the wide rope-bearing surface allows for easy clipping, which helps whether you're leading your first route outside or trying to clip halfway through the cruxiest section of your hardest project.

  • Lightweight: 1 ounce
  • Wire gate
  • Wide rope-bearing surface
  • 24 kN major axis strength
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Great for alpine draws

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I initially ordered a couple of these carabiners to try out and to make an alpine draw. I didn't realize how small they were going to be until I received them, and they were too small to use on both ends of my alpine draws. However, I did end up using them for the bolt end of the draws and they work fantastic for that! I ended up ordering a few more because I really liked how easily they clip and they are really great for clipping into gear.

Works fine

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Its a bit small for my taste but quality and functionality seem to be fine. I probably won't buy anymore strictly because I like a bigger size carabiner for my alpine draws, but if you don't mind the size this is a great buy.


    I have this and a roadeavour. Both are awesome!

    Quality Biner

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    The Trango Phase is a neat little biner that packs a punch with its strength at such a small size and price point. You can rack cams with them but I tend to use them in an alpine draw configuration. The basket of the biner is fairly large given its tiny size which makes it awesome for clipping all the nuts and bolts you might find on a climb. The colors look really pretty and the anondized finish looks like they'll last quite some time. Definitely plan on picking some more up!

    Great biner

      Bought a few of these for various purposes. These biners are nice, cheap, and come in a variety of colors. It's also nice to have biners that aren't exactly the same as everyone else's!

      Great cheap biner

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      They're cheap, especially when on sale. They're light. They're easy to clip. They come in tons of different colors. They don't snag on bolts or slings easily. They're sweet. Nuff said.

      Pretty and light

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I got some of these for alpine draws. And they're exactly what you'd want them to be. Priced well, lightweight, and comes in whatever pretty color you need.

      What else do you need?

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      For a non-locking carabiner, this is all i need. Light and comes in multiple colors to match my cams

      Great Buy

        Not too bright of a color at all. I got a black and blue, loved them both! Use them to long my chalk bag to my harness why climbing. Medium sized. Pretty sturdy material.

        Solid Carabiner

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        Haven't used it for climbing, mostly use it for clipping my nalgene to my backpack or clipping my dog's leash to my backpack. Either way, get's the job done!


          Nice colors, light, good gate action. Solid 'biner.

          Good Performance

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          I got these biners to use as the "bolt end" of alpine draws. They are super light weight and strong, and the gate action is really springy and quick, without begin difficult to push. Very happy with them

          Great little carabiners

            Kinda small but light and strong.

            Unanswered Question

            5.3 cm gate opening? i think not.

            i like the bent gate

            • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

            i like the bent gate, the rope snugs into the gate nicely and only requires a little more pressure to open the gate and slip the rope into the basket, it feels automatically guided, a natural entry.

            compared to some straight gated carabiners i have, this one feels polished in the construction of the frame, smoother and more comfortable to handle, i replaced a couple on the rope end of a set of draws i bought, the Omega Pacific Dash Dirtbag Draw Rack Pack - 6 Pack.

            i give it a 4 star rating instead of a five because of the hook nose, which kinda snags the rope, not much of a problem when putting the rope in, but if for some reason if i need to take it out, the rounded nose design is much a smoother action, but i knew what i was getting when i ordered these so i feel kinda guilty deducting points for that.

            the hook on this design is much smoother then my other carabiners which are also hooked but much more blocky with pointier edges.

            Great for Alpine Draws

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            I have a bunch of these for my alpine draws and my Phase draws.

            Gate Size:
            I've had others complain about clipping the Phase biner but that is because they use huge full size carabiners rather than mid sized ones like this. I personally like the gate size and think it's easy to clip.

            Biner Size:
            I can't do the super small carabiners (CAMP USA Nano 22's or the Metolius F.S. Mini's) on my cams. I like a mid sized carabiner like the Trango Phase's or the Neutrino's.

            Color Coding:
            On the colored ones, I match these up with my sets of Master Cams and love the color coding.

            At 1.05oz these are on par with the weight of most other carabiners. Not super heavy but also not the lightest carabiners ever (think of the CAMP USA Nano 22's).

            For the colored version, I pair these up with my Master Cams since the 8 color match up. I prefer these for my Master Cams and Neutrinos for my C4's. This way I can easier spot a biner and know what type of cam it goes with as well as what size cam I'm looking at or grabbing.

            Shoot me an email if you have any questions about these carabiners or any other gear!

            Jared D.
            Expert Gearhead

            Biner Size Comparrison

            From Top Left to Bottom Right:

            Mammut Wall Micro Locking - MAM004G

            Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Gate - MRC0074

            Trango Phase Carabiner - TRG0063

            CAMP USA Photon Wire Straight Gate - CMP3296

            Black Diamond Neutrino - BLD0851

            Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Screwgate - BLD0729

            Omega Pacific Five-O Screw Lock - OGP0029

            Petzl Am'D Locking - PTZ0129

            Trango React Screwlock - TRG000K

            Jared D.

            Expert Gearhead

            800.409.4502 ext 4055


            Biner Size Comparrison

            Where does a Black Diamond Oz and Hoodwire fall into this picture? I am looking to lighten my rack with either those two or the Trango Phase for my alpine draws. Any personal insight on size, handling and gate tension on these three biners is appreciated.

            Trango Phase Carabiner

            For the Light and Fast Crowd

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            These biners are a great option when weight matters. I might not call it a work horse but it's a great option for the alpine.

            Gate Size:

            It's a tad on the small size but it clips nice and I've had no real problems. Maybe once of twice where I was clipping and a few colorful words came out but that's normal. One of my climbing partners hates the gate size on these, but he's use to clipping some Wild Country biners that are overly huge. Some of my other climbing partners enjoy them the way I do.

            Gate Type:

            You've got the Blue (Bent Wire) and the Silver (Straight Wire) and those are the options. But lets be real. Take a look at the picture of both gates and they're essentially the same gate. Micro differences that if you're clipping them, you most likely wont notice.

            Biner Size:

            This is where the magic happens... or the weight savings. The overall biner size is a tad smaller than most others but this results in reduced weight which makes these puppies perfect. Especially when you load up on gear, it's nice to shed some 'training weight.'


            You've got the Blue (Bent Wire) and the Silver (Straight Wire) and those are the options. I use the Blue for the rope end (to see the wear) and the Silver for clipping bolts. I do this so I don't create any spots on my biners from a bolt that can cause additional abrasion on my rope.


            Light is right. Incredibly light. I'll be ordering more of these when I decide to grow my trad rack with a few 60 cm slings.

            Jared D.


            800.409.4502 ext 4055

            Are these Trango Phase biners large enough...

            Are these Trango Phase biners large enough to clip with gloves?

            Best Answer

            Hey Sterling Anderson,

            The gate opening is 5.3 centimeters. Even with a glove on I would think you could clip with a glove on with enough clearance and ease.

            Trango's website shows the latest version has a 23mm gate. not sure about this exact carabiner. They are kinda small, i have these on alpine draws. I like dmm alphas and camp photons for their fat gates and light weight for winter use.