Filling your mattress just got easier.

The featherweight Therm-a-Rest AirTrap Pump Kit converts any air-tight bag into an efficient, quick-inflating pump. Pierce one of the included plastic bags, a garbage liner, or a plastic grocery bag with the tip and attach the valve coupler. Then, all you have to do is capture air in the open end of the bag, roll it down, and force all of that air into your mattress. You can even use a stuff sack to create a permanent pump system.

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We have 2 thermarest pads & 1 Klymit pad. Do you know if it works on Klymit pads? (I have the Klymit Insulated Static V). Thanks!

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Will This Work with Nemo Astro Air Lite Sleeping Pad?

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Will this work with the Exped Schnozzel PumpBag?

light weight

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its light and it works with virtually any plastic bag it is a dream to use and after hiking all day long you dont want to blow up that therm-a-rest with just your lungs. this is that fix.

Will this work on a Big Agnes Air Core?

Will this work on a Big Agnes Air Core?

sorry for the late response Doug but yes this will work the Big Agnes Air Core.

Negligible weight. Essential functionality

    The key benefit of this valve is not in the convenience it provides (although that's nice too), but in the fact that it pushes AIR into your pad, and not your BREATH. Before using this valve, I had gotten used to the fact that my neoair would lose its firmness in the middle of the night. First time I used this valve in the backcountry, that didn't happen. I don't know the scientific explanation for it, but it works. And it weighs nothing. On the downside, I've already destroyed the included plastic bag, but that's easily replaceable so it doesn't matter.

    When you inflate by mouth, you are filling the pad with "hot" air. Because temperature affects pressure, as that "hot" air cools, the pressure in the pad goes down. This is why I believe I've seen many reviews on the NeoAir claiming that it seems to "loose air" over night.

    Except... that when I got my NeoAir, it was used for several years by blowing it up with my own breath and I noticed no significant volume contraction overnight. Starting last year, probably year 6 or 7, it did start losing volume to the point where I would wake up with a hip or shoulder poking into the ground.
    I have an engineering friend 🤓 who did the calculation on temperature and volume. He came to the conclusion that the volume difference from hot breath to cool air should not be so significant and I could confirm that empirically with the first few years of use.

    Two comments in reply to Sherry:
    1 - It's not just the temperature change causing a reduction in volume, but also the moisture content. There is a lot of moisture (aka water vapor) in your breath, and when the temperature drops it condenses into a liquid. Liquid water takes up about 1/1,600th the volume of water vapor, so even this phase change could significantly reduce the volume of air (Though I haven't done the math) to confirm exactly how much). I'm not sure if you're engineering friend took the moisture content and phase change into account.

    2- More importantly, I had a long conversation with a Sea to Summit rep recently, and was told that the moisture from repeated mouth inflation degrades the polyurethane coating inside all air pads, and eventually causes them to fail in multiple places, typically near the seams at first. He said that many pads fail not because of punctures, but because the lining has de-laminated in numerous places and the pad just can't hold air. Apparently it's not mold that causes the problem (although it is gross and pretty much all pads that are mouth inflated will become moldy inside), it's just the nature of the polyurethane used by pretty much all manufacturers.
    Of course he said that the materials used by Sea to Summit are better and will resist this better than other brands, but his main point was that any pad which is regularly mouth inflated will eventually fail, and so you should always use a pump bag of some sort (or something like the Therm-a-rest 'Speed Valve' which uses some air from your lungs but mostly ambient air, so there is a much lower moisture content).

    Neo Air Pump Kit, thumbs up!!

      It's the best $9.95 I've spent in a long time. Simply install the nozzle in the supplied plastic bag (takes all of 30 seconds) and it's ready to use. At the end of a long day, instead of the normal 25-30 breaths of air, that at times left me nearly dizzy to fill my NeoAir XLite pad, several bag fulls of air and virtually no effort easily inflated it. It's very light weight and I simply roll it up with the pad to carry it. Highly recommend it.

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      What does it weigh ?

      What does it weigh ?

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      Can it be use on the nemo astro air...

      Can it be use on the nemo astro air mattress??

      Do you happen to know if this will work...

      Do you happen to know if this will work with REI pads?


      Doubtful. Im sure they use a different valve.

      Will this work on a exped mattress?

      Will this work on a exped mattress?

      They use a different valve. But you can use the Big Agnes pumphouse which doesn't cost much more and quadruples as a drysack, pillow, campshower, water carrier.

      Exped also offers a pillow pump.