Swix Sonic R3 Aluminum Ski Pole

A well-designed backcountry tool.

Built for complete versatility in the backcountry, the Swix Sonic R3 Aluminum Ski Poles are designed for fast and smooth transitions. The 7000 series aluminum is light on weight while still providing rigid support, and the TPR-coated handle has a tacky feel that won't slip out of your hand. The design of the handle features a small hook for lifting heel elevators on your touring bindings or switching between walk and ski modes. The handle can also be used as a scrape to remove snow buildup along the top of your skis so you aren't lugging around a bunch of extra weight. Swix's Sonic binding system makes for smooth adjustments that won't slip on you when you plant a pole. They also feature Swix's sonic length memory system so you can set desired walk and ski heights for even faster transitions. 

  • 7000 series aluminum
  • Non-slip TPR coated handle
  • Multi-purpose handle
  • Swix Sonic locking system
  • Swix Sonic length memory system
  • Multifunction strap
  • Flexi interchangeable baskets
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