Free the index finger, free your mind.

You don't mind a good tele ski session every now and then; freeing your heel lets you ski in a different way that almost feels as liberating as pointing out dope lines to your friends on the chairlifts. They always see the line when you're pointing with Swany's X-Clusive 3 Finger Mitten, by the way. That's probably because you're pointing with only your index finger, as opposed to mittens that make you look like a goon when you point at things. You could point with your pole, but then you'd be one of those sorts of people.

  • Leather ski glove assures rugged protection from winter's elements
  • Dryfinger II waterproof, breathable insert is essential for powder
  • Tri-plex insulation system ensures winter-worthy warmth
  • Pre-curved construction allows anatomical comfort
  • Utility heat pocket stores handwarmers
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