Surftech Rusty Dozer Surfboard

You've never played on a board like this before.

A hybrid between a shortboard and fishy slab, the Rusty Dozer Surfboard best serves surfers who want a lively board but aren't committed to full-on shorties. Legendary shaper Rusty Preisendorfer packed about as much volume as a shortboard can handle for better stability, and a couple unique tweaks help it perform in anything from knee to head high waves. Said unique tweaks include the squash tail with an accentuated V shape; pair that with a slight single concave through the majority of the board, and you're in for a speedy treat. There are also full rails with a little extra foam for a forgiving experience that still sets into turns with ease. A unique TL Pro Carbon (TLPC) construction proves that this surfboard is one of Rusty's favorites, featuring a hand-tuned EPS core, fiberglass t-stringers, engineered HD foam, internal and external laminates, and carbon flex panels with a hand-finished hot coat.

  • Shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer
  • Shortboard fishy slab hybrid
  • Knee to head high waves
  • High-performance shortboard rocker
  • Squash tail with accentuated V
  • TL Pro Carbon construction
  • Tri-fin setup (not included)
  • Rusty recommends FCS or Future fins
  • Ride three to five inches smaller than your regular shortboard
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Unanswered Question

I'm new to surfing. I am looking for a shortboard that is for beginner to intermediate. I have a price limit of $550 are there any boards or lengths that you prefer for me. I am 5'10, 160 lbs and surf in the northeast. Thanks.