SRAMGX 1400 1x GXP Crankset

Power to the pedals.

As the stiffest and lightest single-ring setup that SRAM makes, the GX 1400 1X GXP Crankset is perfect for riders who want power, light weight, and affordability in a single package. The hollow-forged aluminum crankarms are just as stiff as their solid brothers (don’t ask us how) and won’t crumple against rocks like carbon, so hard-charging enduro, trail, and DH riders don’t need to avoid rock strikes like the plague. The forged aluminum spider is equally rugged, and the CNC-machined chainring’s X-SYNC technology keeps your chain locked in, even when the rocks get big and the speeds get high. One thing to note: the GX 1400 will only work with a Truvativ GPX bottom bracket.

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I would like to convert my 2x10 drivetrain to a 1x. Can I use this crank or is it 11 speed compatible only?

hey Matthew, yes that will run with your 10 spd.

Would it work with bb/pf95? Please let me know, thanks.

solid choice

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

a little heavier than some, but it's freakin bomb proof

Why would I choose a 170 over a 175 crank arm? I've been riding 175 forever but would there be some advantages to the 170? Thanks

Hey Craig,

There are a few factors to length of your crank arm. For one if your bike has a low bottom bracket you would want a shorter crank. The only reason is performance based. Most people think the longer the crank the more power. In reality longer cranks give you more torque. Torque and power are often confused, because the difference is subtle. Torque is a measurement of twisting force. Power is a rate of work – it’s the energy consumed during a unit of time. The more energy you put in, the faster the work is done, and the more power you measurably have. Longer cranks can give you more leverage (torque), but they can’t give you more energy with which to pedal!The reason you may consider a shorter crank is longer cranks can make it harder to sprint, as it’s harder to maintain leverage for as much of each revolution as with shorter cranks. In other words, it’s harder to pedal smoothly. They also straighten your knee at the bottom of the stroke and force it into your chest at the top, which can lead to pain and injury in knees and hips. Your lower back may also suffer. Its something that is personal to everyone, and dependent on the situation/bike discipline.

let me know if you have any questions. My contact info is below and i am happy to chat bikes anytime!

Would it work with bb/pf95? Please let me know, thanks.