SRAM Force 22 Front Derailleur

Accommodating but unyielding.

The latest iteration of SRAM's Force 22 Front Derailleur boasts two properties that we typically don’t see together: accommodating flexibility and unyielding stiffness. The derailleur's willingness to accommodate is the result of SRAM's Yaw technology, which has only just trickled-down to the Force level. Yaw is the equivalent of an auto-trim feature that keeps the derailleur cage aligned with the chain as it moves through the sprockets, making for a truly 22-speed groupset by virtually eliminating chain rub.

The derailleur's stiffness comes courtesy of the aluminum and steel body. The incorporation of steel makes for an irresistible force to quickly shift the chain up or down without yielding valuable moments of response time while waiting for a flexing cage to finish throwing the chain—think of it as the opposite of the Close Door buttons on elevators. In case you get a little too overzealous with its stiff shifting, the Force Derailleur also features a removable Chain Keeper to help keep you from throwing your chain while shifting in response to an attack.

  • True 22-speed front derailleur
  • Yaw derailleur trim technology
  • Removable Chain Keeper
  • Only compatible with SRAM 22 shifters
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  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Sram's Force group is awesome. The quality is great. Group isn't much heavier than Red, so why spend the extra money. Great feel to the shifting.

Just OK - Go for Red 22 Upgrade

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Not as stiff or as well made as the Red 22 front derailleur. It works fine under normal load but when pushed to the limit I find Red 22 works faster and is more reliable. Of all the Force 22 components, this is the one I'd upgrade to Red 22. As for Yaw, originally I thought it was a gimmick because the promise of "rub-free" seemed impossible as SRAM 11-speed shifters do not have front derailleur trim like their pre-Yaw 10-speed versions. But I did find a good mechanic who got as close as possible to rub-free by focusing on cable tension.

I am a little confused. In the last paragraph it says that "due to a redesign, the FD is NOT compatible with previous generation SRAM shifters yet in the comment section it seems that people are using it with those previous generation shifters.

The best thing I can share with you is go to SRAMs web site go to the dérailleur your looking for click on it. There should be a spec sheet and a PDFs file that talks about compatibility.Here you should find the info you need straight from the pros that know. Scroll down till you get to the part that says Service click on compatibility .

I'm using it with SRAM 10 speed and it works great, although I find it works _much_ better if you use an 11 speed chain.

SRAM Force 22 Front derailleur/with YAW

    This was a great addition to my Cannondale Supersix . I replaced this when I replaced my crankset/both SRAM Force 22. The shifting is dead on,no rub and no rasp love it. The set up works great with the SRAM Appex components that came with the bike originally.Great shifting and have had no problems. I just had to replace the mounting clamp since mine was not a braze on.

    SRAM Force 22 Front derailleur/with YAW

    Could I use this with rotor cranks and Qrings, or does Yaw technology needs SRAM cranks?

    Best Answer

    This will work about as well as any derailleur with the Q-rings, but that's marginal at best. Shifting on Q-rings isn't very good with any derailleur.

    True 22

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I just bought this with a new build and am still breaking it in a little bit. My initial impressions after the first 300 miles are:

    1) Shifts under power. I have had the ability to shift on climbs which has been a nice addition.

    2) I can actually use the full set of 22 gears with no rub on the derailleur. I do get a bit of noise out of the chain, but not the derailleurs fault.

    3) I have dropped the chain once (off the big ring); I am hoping that was a fluke though.

    Great Derailuer

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Using this with a Rotor Q-ring setup and the shifting is spot on. No need for trim and it provides very reliable shifting in any gear combination.

    Great upgrade

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Much better than previous versions of SRAM front derailleurs, solves all the problems, easy to set up (see Youtube for video instructions)

    Compatible with 10 speed

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I have this set up with my 10 speed Rival shifters and Force crankset. No chainrub and great shifting. Far better than the usual SRAM shifting.

    Agree this is 100% compatible. I'm using with 10-speed Force shifters and Red compact crankset. This is a great upgrade, quiet, smooth, light, positive shifting. Chain spotter eliminates chain drop, which was a problem with the old Force derailleur. Less than half the cost of the Red version, only 10 g heavier. Highly recommended.