So Ill Holds Easy Knuckles - 5-Pack
So Ill HoldsEasy Knuckles - 5-Pack

Build your own climbing wall at home.

The So Ill Holds Easy Knuckles 5-Pack contains five mini jugs so you can get your crank on at home. This pack also includes all the hardware you need to set some simple V0's to warm up on.

  • Includes 5 mini jugs
  • Urethane
  • Hardware included
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    i wouldnt know if these holds were any good because they are not on my wall! why? they`re so ill they cant put 5 T-nuts in with the bolts and holds. thumbs down.

    You never buy holds with T nuts...they come with bolts. Your wall should already have T nuts. So Ill holds are some of the best on the market.