Sit well.

The Well Saddle combines a relatively wide frame with light padding and Selle SMP's signature drooping beak profile for a saddle that privileges pudendal comfort for riders with wide sit bones. The body is carbon-reinforced nylon, which adds a slight bump-absorbing give but doesn't become a trampoline that bounces you down the road during high cadence stretches. The synthetic cover isn't embroidered like some of Selle SMP's other models, but it does feature some light texturing to help keep your engine glued in place while you're grinding watts on a long climb.

Where the body uses synthetics, the rails are thankfully just good old fashioned steel. Anyone who's either crushed carbon seatposts, handlebars, steerer tubes, or—yes—saddle rails will immediately recognize the value of steel at this part of the bike. Even on full carbon race machines, many of us still prefer to run steel here in order to avoid having to limp to the nearest LBS without a saddle because the carbon rails gave out after a crash or bump.

  • A cycling saddle for riders with wide sit bones
  • Cut-out channel and drooping nose relieve pressure
  • Synthetic shell absorbs road noise without bouncing
  • Steel rails are equal to the abuse of wrenches, roads, and trails alike
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