SeirusNeofleece Comfort Masque

Protect your face from the wind with the Seirus Neofleece Comfort Masque.

When the wind threatens to make your day on the hill miserable, wrap the Seirus Neofleece Comfort Masque around your face and get back to having fun. Seirus makes this face-mask style balaclava out of technical midweight fleece for comfort, and adds a hook-and-loop closure so it's easy to take the Comfort Masque on and off.

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Seirus mask

    Comfortable and warm until temperature reaches -5F with wind. I wear a buff over it when weather is really brutal but the mountains usually are closing once those conditions set in.

    Warmth is good

      I actually had to order two of them. The first one I ordered was the small based on the sizing chart someone else had posted. The small is definitely small. I had to trade it in for the medium and I am now happy. Good lower face warmth in the coldest Utah weather. Don't breathe through your nose though

      Basic facemask

        An upgrade from a buff, but I missed the neck coverage for when the days got really cold. Like some other said this condenses considerably when its really cold, but almost all the facemasks I have ever used do. Found that this model tended to slide down over the course of a days use, but it definitely took the edge off.


        How do I measure the size of my face?

        How do I measure the size of my face?

        I hope you found the answer to your question by now. At any rate the sizing chart is:

        Small=under 22 inches Med=22-23 Large=23-24 xlarge=24 And Up

        Measure the circumference of your head just below your nose.

        I was thinking about coupling this with...

        I was thinking about coupling this with my outdoor research Ninjaclava for superior face protection in minus 25 C weather and 30 mph wind.
        So, does this thing work well enough for those conditions, if I want to have a warm face and not be bothered by wind?
        Also, if anyone has coupled this with a windstopper balaclava like the one I mentioned, does it hold well and without a wind gap?

        Serius Mask

          I bought this mask primarily to sleep in. I did not want a full balaclava. Instead, I use this mask in conjunction with my Black Rock Gear down hat and a buff. All 3 pieces offer a wide range of versatility being that I can use only the piece(s) that I want when I want.

          When I initially ordered the mask I went by some of the measurements in the comments below. I ordered the medium because my measurements was within the quoted 20 - 24". However, when it arrived it was too small. I had to ship it back and reorder the large, so that kind of sucked paying shipping twice.

          Anyway, the large fits me good. My head is not too big and I typically have to order S-M size hats. So, I would say the sizing runs small on these. I would suggest at least a size Large on adult men, and if your head is a little bigger than normal, I would go with the XL. (Besides, after having one too small, I would way rather have one that was a little big. At least it would work.)

          Since the medium was too small for my head I did not get to use it yet. I did take it on a 3 night trip but I just couldn't get the velcro to stay connected so I didn't use it. I was kind of depressed because I think that this will make a great sleeping piece.

          Normally, my nose and my chin will get cold at night if the temp is around 20 F or less, which is why I ordered this. My main concern is how will it manage moisture throughout a night sleeping in it. Unfortunately I cannot say at this time how it will do, but I feel like it will be ok. Just wearing it the holes around the mouth seem adequate for letting my breath pass through. As well, the nose piece is simply shaped to fit around my nose, but the underneath is open, so here again, breath is not trapped. Due to this and the fact that I usually breath through my nose when sleeping I feel like this mask will meet my needs.

          As well, my size large weighs 1.1 oz so I am pretty happy with the weight. It would have been nicer to have came in at under an oz, but considering the benefit (comfort) it will provide, I can handle the 1.1 oz.

          So far, even though I believe that the sizing is smaller than normal, I will still initially give this thing 5 stars. If my thoughts change I will annotate this "review."

          Wearing my mask on the AT

          Wearing my mask on the AT

          Warm Face

            I am not going to rob a bank with this one but it sure keeps my face warm on the ski his. Super soft liner next to my face keeps it toasty in the coldest conditions!

            What is the weight on these?

            What is the weight on these?

            Answering my own case anyone else is interested.

            A medium weighs 1 oz.

            A large weighs 1.1 oz.

            Unanswered Question

            I am interested in this for sleeping in....

            I am interested in this for sleeping in. I am not worried about it covering my head or my neck (I already have those covered as I want them to be), but instead my chin to my nose. In the winter, this part of my face gets really cold and if not for this I would easily sleep all night long. Is it fleece inside, and if not, then what is it? How does it handle condensation after a whole night, is it completely wet inside? How would anyone say that this would work to sleep in? Will the condensation escape at least a little? I cannot expect it all to escape, but I would hope some would. Also, does the inside rest against your chin/mouth when wearing it laying down? Thanks


              Great for cold weather biking. Exactly what I needed!

              Unanswered Question

              would any outdoor enthusiasts out there...

              would any outdoor enthusiasts out there have any recommendations for a good mask for cycling, hiking, running that would keep dust and pollen out

              Great little face mask

                This is a pretty good little mask. It kept me warm enough, but never too hot. The breathing holes allow all the condensation from your breath to escape so you don't get that nasty damp feeling. My only hang up is that it doesn't go very far down your neck. I could feel cold air on my lower neck as I was riding up the chairlift even though my coat was zipped all the way up. I imagine wearing a mock turtle would solve the problem though. Still, I'm happy with it and love using it!

                Did the job, yet a bit of a hassle

                  Unfortunately, I bought the wrong size (a medium instead of a small). There was too much extra fabric around my chin, making it difficult to buckle my helmet. However, this is my fault, not the product's.

                  I found the edges of the material to be a bit scratchy on the side of my neck, but this could be easily solved by tying a bandana underneath the mask. Also, whenever I moved the entire mask below my chin, I would have to take everything off in order to get it back to how it was.

                  It definitely did the job of keeping my face from freezing off. However, I would probably go with a balaclava, to avoid the issues that ensue when you move it below your chin.

                  Can I ask what's your head circumference measured under your chin? I'm trying to decide between small and medium.

                  Under your chin?? I must be going mad. I meant under your nose.

                  whats the best way to figure out the perfect...

                  whats the best way to figure out the perfect size to order?

                  measure circumference of head just below your nose. Size Medium fits 20 - 24 inches and size Large fits 22 - 26 inches

                  Outstanding to cover your face, but..

                    For masking against cold wind and snow, this thing works spectacular. The neoprene outer layer blocks the outside cold like a firewall, and it fits so snugly with such a soft layer of fleece that you can't help but love the feel it has against the skin of your face.

                    The only complaint I have is that it is only a facemask: you're gonna have to wear your beanie with your neck-gaiter, and then tie the mask around. It can move around and when you put the mask down under your chin, it's kind of annoying, plus the back part has moved so when you pull it back up over your nose and cheeks, it becomes loose and less tight.

                    This is why I'm going to buy the combo scarf or clava soon. I recommend to buy one of these two instead.

                    what size do i know to get?? is xl going...

                    what size do i know to get?? is xl going to be big?

                    Yes the XL is fairly big. If you've got an average sized head you may want to wait. The best thing is to jump on "live chat" and ask those folks. They'll be able to look up if they have any on order and if they do an approximate ship date.

                    I wear glasses. Will I have a problem with...

                    I wear glasses. Will I have a problem with them fogging up wearing this product?

                    Yes you will, unless you can figure out a way not to breathe:) Really though, they do tend to help your glasses fog quite a bit more than without.

                    How do you know what size to order?

                    How do you know what size to order?

                    An average sized head will usually take a medium to large.