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Schwalbe - Pro One Tire - Tubeless

Schwalbe Pro One Tire - Tubeless

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    Tech Specs

    triple compound
    700 c x 23 mm, 700 c x 25 mm, 700 c x 28 mm
    tubeless, clincher
    Recommended Use:
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    Pro One Tire

    Schwalbe's recently updated tubeless road tire, the Pro One Tubeless Tire, sheds weight and rolling resistance compared to the original One tire. Given these advantages, the Pro One makes a compelling case for racing on tubeless tires, and we can only hope to see more race wheels offered in the future that are compatible with them. To improve upon an already solid tire, Schwalbe started with triple compound rubber, adding Snakebite and Sidewall protection that teams with a liquid, tubeless sealant to retain air pressure over time and help resist punctures.

    The firm center strip improves the rolling resistance by a claimed ten percent while softer shoulders grip the tarmac for control while cornering at high speeds. Schwalbe's MicroSkin construction adds durability to the Pro One, helping the tire resist ill-intentioned debris on the roads so you get through your race flat-free, while the tubeless construction allows you to race with the tires at lower air pressure and eliminates friction between the tube and tire that can slow you down.

    • Drop weight and roll faster with Schwalbe's tubeless One
    • Snakebite and sidewall protection retains air pressure
    • Firm center trip keeps rolling resistance low
    • Soft shoulder provides surefooted grip on the blacktop
    • Microskin increases durability against punctures and tears
    • Tubeless-ready construction pairs with sealant to prevent flats
    • Run lower tire pressures to increase comfort on jarring roads

    Wouldn't recommend these for outdoor use

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: 700x 25mm

    I bought four of these because of the deep discount, and not one of them survived 100 miles before failing. I've been running tubeless for years, so I keep the sealant fresh. The terrain wasn't particularly rugged, but I kept ending up with gashes that wouldn't seal, and had to either install a tube, or limp home with 50 psi. I've literally NEVER written a review for anything in my life before, but these were a major downer. Even had to call my ex wife to rescue me once! :-(

    Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    These tires were recommended for my new endurance road bike build. I use tubeless on my MTB and wanted to try it on my road bike. The tire is comfortable to ride, even on rough road surfaces. I weigh 160 and run 65psi in the rear tire and 62psi in the front. my only complaint is there puncture resistance. There is a lot of construction in my area and I have had two flats on the rear tire that the sealant could not seal. the cuts were about an 1/8". When you get a puncture in a high pressure tubeless tire, the sealant makes a big mess

    Best riding road tire short of a tubular

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Loving my Schwalbe Pro One tires. Fast rolling, grippy, relatively easy mounting, and great feel. Mounted them on DT Swiss carbon wheels (18mm internal width), which required a little soapy water and some decent tire levers. I welcome a certain degree of effort when mounting tubeless; it gives me peace-of-mind of a solid tire/rim interface. Once mounted up, inflation was cake. A floor pump is all that was needed, and that is before adding Stans. Mounted width was accurate (25 mm and change). Approx. 150 miles so far and really liking them.

    Solid performer

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    We've been using these tires for going on three years now, and I haven't found any that are better in terms of ride quality and durability. We've moved from using 25mm to 28mm, and I do notice a bit more comfort using the larger volume tires with no real downsides. My wife and I each ride about 6K miles/year with most of that being on the road and about 2-4K of that on the bikes outfitted with these tires (other bikes used to commute with other Schwalbe tires), and we typically get a season of riding out of them barring any nasty cuts or issues causes by various road debris which can happen with any tire. Orange Seal sealant works just fine in all conditions, and mounting them tubeless is usually an easy process on our Nox Falkor36D wheels. I am @170lbs and personally run the tires at 60PSI in the rear and 50PSI in the front (give or take a few PSI either way depending on time of year and intended terrain) and have never had a problem whatsoever with abnormal wear or pinch flats, etc. These tires offer a good ride with good grip, and that's what you want from a tire.

    Solid Tubeless tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Mounted these to Zipp 404 NSWs and had no real problems with mounting, which i know some other users had. Using regular stan's sealant. Tires are exceptionally supple and grippy, with the tubeless setup I run them down to about 80 PSI with no risk of pinching. They do seem to catch road debris a bunch, and as other users said can lead to punctures, but again with the tubeless sealant all the small nicks get sealed up quickly. These definitely arent going to be the most durable tires, but honestly life is too short to ride your bike with wood-like tires like gatorskin or armadillos.

    Mostly good

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Great grip, and all of my PRs are on these tires. They’re tough to mount, and are only moderately durable, but performance is great.

    Great feel, somewhat difficult to mount

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This was my first set of road tubeless tires, and I was perfectly satisfied with how they rode and how they held up over a season of riding. I think all road tubeless tires are more difficult to mount than tubed tires, and putting in a tube in the event of a blowout is pretty challenging, but it can be done. I'm now riding Continental GP5000s, and there's no way I'd be able to put in a tube in the middle of a ride with those.

    The Schwalbes roll fast and smooth. I'm regretting that I replaced these with Contis now. The only reason I had to replace the Schwalbes is that I had a gash in the tread that was too big for the sealant to fill. I rode over 1 full year on them so I wasn't too disappointed when I had to buy a new set. The rear wheel was starting to box anyway. The tires held air pretty well. I usually inflated them to 70-80 psi, and after a week or so, they'd be down to 60ish psi. I have to inflate the Conti GP5000s before every ride because they lose over 20psi between rides.

    Don't buy if you have tubeless ready rim

    • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

    Agree with other posters: could not get this to seat. I have been using road tubeless for years and know all of the tricks. I put a tube in thinking if one side was seated it would be easier: NOT. The tube seated the bead and I could not then remove it. I needed a pair of vice-grips and to use my foot (a la MTB). After removing the tube and having one side seated the other side still would not seat. Finally gave up and went to remove the tire: almost could not remove, and certainly would not have been able to un-seat the seals (without sealant) on the road.
    Sending these back and going back to Specialized S-Works Turbos.
    (I Have Zipp tubeless ready Firecrest Disc road wheels, 303s)

    Same, here. I've been doing tubeless since the days when we made our own sealant, and this is the first road, cx, or mtb tire that I couldn't make seat.

    Loving these tires for road tubeless

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I never thought I could tell much of a difference with what road tires I'm running, other than width, but these Schwalbe Pro One tubeless are pretty amazing. They mounted up really easy on my Oval 723 tubeless rims with one layer of Stan's rim tape. I think the Stan's tape (or equivalent) is key, I'm not a big fan of the Gorilla tape because it's not as hard and slick as the Stan's to let the tire slip up on to the bead shelf to seat. I mounted them with a tube overnight to get the folds out and get them in place, and used a little soapy water to help the bead pop up onto the bead shelf. Then, after removing the tubes and installing tubeless valve stems, 60 mL of Stan's sealant each, and a little more soapy water for the remaining bead, they sealed right up and have been airtight ever since. I used a compressor with the valve core removed just because I have one in my garage, but maybe could have done it with a track pump.

    The thing I love about these tires is the road feel. The compound is just perfect; it has great grip but feels supple and very confidence inspiring, I like the compound even better than the Conti 5000s that I was was running previously. Rolling resistance feels excellent, though admittedly that's just a seat-of-the-bibs assessment, not really sure how accurate that is. I'm running 28mm wide @ 70ish psi front and rear. No idea on mileage/wear because I've only been on 4-5 rides with them.

    Easy set-up, too wide

    • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

    Mounted very easily, maybe the easiest road tire I have ever mounted. They measure 27.8 mm at 100 psi on DT Swiss DB24 rims. FWIW, 25 mm Maxxis Padrones mount on these wheels at 25.5 mm. This left me with only 2.5 mm clearance on a BMC Granfondo GF01, which is too close for comfort, especially on those flexible aluminum wheels. I will need to return and order the 23 mm version. All this said, had I read reviews more closely I would have ordered the 23 mm version from the beginning and have given this product 5 stars based on mounting alone.

    Easy setup, roll great but too fragile

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    This would be a great tire for those who ride on better surfaces but they are just too fragile for our pothole ridden roads. The set up was very easy on the DT Swiss E1800 wheels and 28mm tires measured around 30mm. I ran them at 60psi and they felt great. Unfortunately I got a sliced sidewall in under 500 miles. The sealant actually sealed the cut and I did not even noticed it before getting back home.

    My go-to tubeless tire

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    5 stars for 5 main reasons.
    1. I actually get a lot of life out of these tires 2000+miles
    2. They fit nice and easy on my rims (I've used several including HED and Roval)
    3. Good all weather traction
    4. Comfortable with the wide range of appropriate pressures
    5. price is coming down (a budget race/training tire)
    Disclaimer: I am 145lbs, Roval disk rims (29mm external width), use 25mm tires that inflate to about 28mm, usually 80-85psi, Stans Race Sealent and Silca tubeless valves.

    wouldn't seat

      I bought these to replace my old schwalbe one tubeless tires on my road bike. It was very difficult to get the tire on my cannonade hallow tech carbon wheel. Once I finally got it on I could not get it to seal. I even brought it to the bike shop to use a better air compressor and that didn't work. I'm not the best mechanic but I have mounted tubeless tires on my gravel wheel and that was pretty easy. This was a waste of time and money. I am going back to tubes. Not worth the hassle. I will be returning.

      No probs

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Put 28's on a Roval 24 wheelset. I'd never run tubless before. Took a few extra minutes to get the tire on the wheel but this was no different than most of my clinchers. I used a CO2 cartridge to seat them. Took 2 attempts on the first and one on the second. Overall I spent about 45 minutes putting on two tires. Very reasonable for a first time.

      Update: 2nd ride out, tread slashed by some loose gravel in the road. Shot sealant EVERYWHERE. Finally sealed itself after using two CO2 cartridges. Rode 5 miles to a bike shop and had a tube inserted. Good news.....tubeless allowed me to keep on riding after some repairs. Bad news....brand new tire is shot. Surprised it was the tread that was cut though. Generally it's the sidewall. No protection here whatsoever.

      Update 3: Won't re-seat. 5 CO2 cartridges later and a friend compressor. The inner tube must have stretched the tire out too much. I'm pretty much done w/ Schwalbe at this point and remounted GP400's clinchers. That was fun.

      Love the ride, hated the setup

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I've had two separate sets of these (25s and 28s). Both are super smooth and if you're riding tubeless, you probably don't need me to tell you how awesome it is. If you haven't made the switch to tubeless, it's time.

      Mounting was pretty difficult, though. For the 28s, after wresting with them for most of an afternoon using a Specialized AirBlast, I finally took them to the LBS and paid the guy to mount them. Even he had trouble getting them on my Qurano 60s. After watching him struggle with the 28s, when I swapped them for my current 25s, I used my own compressor and ended up taking the presta chuck off the hose altogether and just rammed the hose directly onto the core-less valve. Holding the hose in place, I blasted the tire at 140psi. Once the bead popped into place, I covered the valve with my thumb, then had to Indiana Jones the valve core back in before the tires deflated and lost the bead. It took several tries to get it, my hands were sore and my thumbs were coated in sealant, but I got it working and saved a trip to the LBS. Compared to the videos on how to install tubeless tires, these took a lot more effort. Other wheels might be less challenging, I haven't tried these on another set to know.

      I do love the ride, though.


      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I put 3,000+ miles on a pair last season with one flat. That's pretty incredible. The flat was due to my sealant drying up after 6 months, so it's basically negligence. Even after all that riding the front tire still looks fresh. The rear tire has significantly squared off in profile, but that's to be expected I suppose. I'll be replacing the rear with the same model. With my setup I can easily seat the rim with a regular floor pump.

      Schwable 28c, HED Ardennes SL+ rims, with Stans Tape, WTB valves, and Orange Seal Endurance sealant

      Most Difficult Tubeless Setup Out There!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      This tire may ride well, but it is by far the hardest tire to set up tubeless. They take many rounds and much soap, and then they still don't seat, at 120 psi. If you want to ride this tire, and torture a mechanic this is the right choice. If you are a do it yourself-er, do your self a favor and choose a different tire!

      I agree.

      Interesting, never had one issue with these tires after several sets on our bikes. Always bead up first try with minimal soap and less than 100 psi on the compressor.

      I wonder why you had so much trouble. I have over 4,000 miles on Pro One's (more than one set) and never had an issue with setting up the tires. Could it be the wheels? I'm riding Reynolds Attack wheels. What are you using?

      Soap the beads, fit the tire, get one 20 PSI CO2 cartridge, fill the tire with 60-90cc of sealant, take off the valve tip thingy and blast the air from the CO2 cartridge directly into the tire and then put the valve nipple back on. It works every time and no hassle.

      Same, here. I've been doing tubeless since the days when we made our own sealant, and this is the first road, cx, or mtb tire that I couldn't make seat. Ever.