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Scarpa - Ribelle Tech OD Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD Mountaineering Boot

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Tech Specs

Upper Material:
K-Tech + S-Tech
Activ Plus
Crampon Compatibility:
Claimed Weight:
1lb 3.4oz
Recommended Use:
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

Ribelle Tech OD Mountaineering Boot

There's a fine line between moving light-and-fast and feeling like you're alpine climbing completely barefoot, and the Scarpa Men's Ribelle Tech OD Mountaineering Boot treads that line with a performance inspired by the late-and-great Ueli Steck. Scarpa's new Sock-Fit Plus integrates waterproof, breathable OutDry and warm Primaloft insulation in a seamless, stretchy, superlight gaiter that balances fast-moving performance with absolute weather protection. The external upper is burly, rugged, and surprisingly well-ventilated. Underfoot, the Ribelle features a complex series of Vibram rubber lugs as well as a light, supportive midsole and compatibility for semi-automatic crampons.

  • Hybrid mountaineering boot built for light-and-fast alpinism
  • Scarpa's Sock-Fit Plus with waterproof, breathable OutDry
  • Primaloft insulation ensures warmth even when wet
  • Vibram Mulaz S/Mont sole with semi-automatic crampon compatibility

I want to like them...Updated

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: Runs small
  • Size Bought: 45.5

Picked these up midsummer (not misommar thank god ;) because they were on sale and I like the design and concept. It's been way too hot to actually wear them so I can't honestly give a complete review but can offer a few initial impressions. They are definitely not subtle I dig the looks but they can be a bit loud if that matters construction seems great, as I'd expect e scarpa, they are definitely stiffer than my kailash gtx which was also expected, swapped out the usual crappy oem insoles for something better and they came to life so that makes me hopeful they'll be able to hike and climb in as advertised.
I will say they do seem like 3 season boots but by that at least from NY standards, I mean fall-winter-spring, not summer as they are somewhat insulated and just too hot for +85 F temps, the built in gaiter sock retains heat as its a tight fit at the top so I think not for hot weather and I got a half size up as usually so to accommodate thicker walking socks and the internal felt already roomy so a summer weight sock would leave my feet sliding around a bit too much.
A HUGE peeve I have is the stupid lace tensioner on these it's WAY TOO SMALL AND FRAGILE to be of use my less durable, it's a joke tbh, popped apart just loosening these to get them on, doesn't fully tighten and cannot be used w gloves in cold weather its also such a thin delicate piece of plastic I just don't see it lasting even a month of real usage. Wrote to scarpa about it, and honestly seriously considered returning these just because of it ... bit decided to risk it, probably will just tighten laces as best I can wout it but I do fear I may regret decision to keep them because of this really grossly misdesigned aspect of an otherwise really interesting and promising boot. Time will tell...I guess. I told scarpa if they do redesign this part to make a retroactive piece early owners like me can get and install on boots w this as a replacement I hop they listened...
Will try to wrote better review once I've actually put some steps in these after an Adirondack trip planned this fall.
UPDATE: worn over a mild winter and here’s my final thoughts: sizing - go up one full size keep the oem insoles and add your own (I love Masterfit insoles) on top of them, provides arch support and tighter fit while allowing more room for toes and different sock options.
They are NOT WATERPROOF by any means ! Toes get wet after an hour or less of walking in wet grass, wet snow etc. And the liner does not dry well so you’ll need a boot-dryer to dry them after use. Feet will also sweat a lot due to liner so this is kind of a lose-lose.
Rubber provides good grip. They feel solid on rock and mud and wet surfaces quite confidence inspiring as long as you keep weight foreward.
They are stiff so not ideal for trails they are designed for a very narrow niche that generally involves climbing into snow but they are not specific to snow either so kind of not ideal for either scenario. I guess if you fit the narrow design niche they were made for they’d be ideal but most scenarios are a bit wider range from their optimal application - so choose wisely. They are quite stiff so I’ve developed pain under balls of feet after an hour or so, but admittedly they weren’t designed for plush trail comfort so can’t quite fault them there.
Boot retention system sort of works but not great and still don’t trust the tiny flimsy plastic tightener. It has come loose and been annoying but also worked at other times.
Overall are they worth full price + insole + boot dryer ? No way. I got them on sale and even then probably not worth it (to me) but maybe for some real alpinists who want something really specific, who knows.
Seems you can do better for same price or less for trail or ice and snow with other options, even from Scarpa.

Update: Get a full size bigger with a nice padded hiking sock (smartwool PhD) and a good insole (Masterfit) and you're good to go.
Definitely a 3 season boot.
NOTE toes definitely got wet just walking an hour in rain and puddles, so not waterproof at all not even that water resistant. Also bottoms are stiff, might hurt bottoms of feet after a couple hours especially on rocks, but overall they work as advertised. I love how the sock top flexes and allows for faster movement. Not sure they'd be compatible w taller gaiters on deeper snow however, this may be a design oversight with the lace covers.
Oh and get a boot dryer! They will retain west and get toes wet (see above) and dry slowly so might as well invest in one.

A great compromise in weight and ability

  • Size Bought: 43.5

For me, these boots split the difference between heavier mountaineering boots (scarpa mont blanc, salewa condors and ravens, trango cube, etc..., and something that's just a little too light, like the Salomon options.

I got them for PNW summers (some spring and fall as well). I've found that most mountaineering boots are hugely overkiller for glacier walks, slogs, and usual routes that are availible in the Washington (and Oregon) Cascades.

Personally I don't need a beefy boot to crampon, walk, kick steps, french, or even do a little bit of vertical, and these keep my legs and feet happy and help me cover more miles. Speaking of miles, I do sometimes wear them on trail, but they aren't the best with their stiff soles. However they are WAY better than bigger boots.

Speaking of the soles, they are indeed softer than your standard mountaineering boot, knife hard snow and front pointing... you can feel the flex in your feet. Also, since these boots lack a tall cuff, you need to engage your calves a lot more to stay on your toes. This is the compromise you make though, as they are SO light and comfortable. It's all about your use case.

They smear pretty good, plenty of grip, ankle articulation helps with 3rd 4th and 5th class rock. They edge like CHAMPS.

Waterproofness. Pretty dang good! My Salewa Condors are super bomber and these aren't far behind... They also dry out very fast. Oh, and the built in gaiter is AMAZING. NO MORE DORKY GAITERS ON MY FEET OR IN MY PACK. My feet stayed VERY dry on a 5 day high traverse through the Cascades over glaciers, snowfields, in early July. ALL of my partners had wet feet because they didn't bring gaiters (I wouldn't have either).

Ragged Ridge, Bonanza, Ptarmigan Traverse, these boots are perfect. I'd gladly do a number of routes on Forbidden with them, and I'd consider the N. Ridge of Baker (they take crampons, I use snow leopards, well). Standard Volcano routes in good weather, easy...

All and all... A costly piece of really nice gear that makes predicable sacrifices for some amazing returns in lightness, comfort, articulation, feel, and dryness (ankle gaiter).

I have a "Scarpa" Or "Salewa" foot in the standard boots, easy fit on these.

Thank you for a thorough review, Kyle. Keep getting after it out there!!


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