Finally achieve warp speed on the skin track.

Move like a being from another world in the backcountry when you tour with the Scarpa Alien 1.0 Alpine Touring Boot. Advancing light years ahead of its competition, this TLT-compatible boot uses space-age lightweight carbon in the cuff, providing the rigidity you need to make the Kessler run in twelve parsecs. With only one flick of the A-Light single-throw buckle, you can loosen the cuff to achieve incredible rotation for easing long up-tracks and concurring mountain summits.

  • The 99mm-wide last fits more feet, and keeps you snug in the boot without cutting off your circulation in cold storms
  • A HRP Intuitive Alien liner provides warmth, a solid interface between the shell and your foot, overlaps the cuff for reliable touring comfort, and can be thermo-molded for ultimate customization
  • Carbon core technology wraps your foot in carbon but is covered by the polyamide shell to prevent wearing it down with your ski edges
  • The BOA closure system gives you a quick, secured solution to the buckle problem without pressure points
  • A Vibram UFO sole provides grip on rocky knife edges and icy boot packs
  • Opening the A-Light single-throw buckle disengages the cuff and its tensioned cord for nearly unlimited cuff rotation during long skin strides
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Out of this world fast

Out of this world fast

I wear a men's size 13 shoe. What's the chance that the mondo 30 will fit me? Is it possible to special order a larger size?

Aaron the 30 is your only chance. I can check with our Scarpa rep but, I am fairly certain they dont make it bigger than a 30.

If you have anymore questions feel free to send me an email or call!

Bill Porreca


Great Boots

    These have amazing cuff range of motion, allowing for ridiculous ankle articulation, but also ski great for the weight. Pair these with your skinny skimo setup or take them out on a pow day with your bigger sticks. In variable conditions they are harder to ski, but still do an admirable job.

    Best skimo touring boot out there

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    The range of motion on the Alien 1.0 is amazing. They walk far better than the Dynafit Evo (my previous boot). The stiffness is also on another level for such a lightweight boot. I'd rank it at about a 120 flex (and it does flex consistent unlike some other light boots that just feel dead when skiing - No flex). I give it 4 stars overall only due to the fact that the very minimal liner packed out in the heel area after about 5 days (it's also very cold). But the biggest complaint is the heel pocket. It has a very aggressive curl at the top and beat me up every tour until I finally took out the boot board and got lower in the boot.

    Great for Women Too!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I love the Aliens. LOVE. I am the typical woman - narrow feet, cold toes, low arches, and very active. These boots are super light, fit perfectly (without any inserts), and work exactly as they are supposed to. My toes are not cold! And if I had the aerobic capacity to run up a mountain, I definitely would in these boots. They're flexible, yet supportive.

    I really wanna do a pair of these, but when I've tried them on, with Superfeet, they feel like the have way too much volume in the heel and ankle. TLT5s have been the best fitting ski boot I've had; has anybody who fits perfectly in TLT5--not TLT6, which are roomier--felt Aliens to be too wide/high volume?

    Best Answer

    You must have some skinny feet! These fit me pretty narrow, I had to size way up to accommodate the short BSL. I think maybe if you put a different Intuition Liner in there, that could take up some volume. Have you looked at La Sportiva's skimo race boots? We are waiting to hear back from La Sportiva but, pretty sure they have a smaller last than the Aliens.

    Alien at Eastern Sierra

    Alien at Eastern Sierra

    Awesome picture Zheng Wu !!!

    I selected this image to feature on the homepage in our Activity Feed! Congrats on being GOATWORTHY !!!

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    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I love the way these boots tour! Much easier to make longer strides and the lightness really helps me climb faster. At first I felt downhill control was a little lacking, but after I tighten the kevlar cord enough that latching into downhill mode is somewhat difficult, they ski quite well.

    BSL for 28 and 29 sizes?

    BSL for 28 and 29 sizes?

    Believe they should be 297mm and 307mm for those shells. I can double check in the warehouse tomorrow but that is what I am seeing listed everywhere.

    Thanks Arthur. Would you mind checking on actual boots?

    Best Answer

    Alien 1.0 29.0 is 305mm BSL

    Scarpa Alien 1.0 Alpine Touring Boot

    Everything you could want and more

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have had 6 different pairs of ski mountaineering race boots, and these boots have definitely taken performance to a new level. This is the first boot I have had that not only allows complete freedom of movement in walk mode, but also allows you to confidently ski, skis that are much bigger than skimo race skis. I have been very impressed by the durability of these boots. Previous to these I raced in the Dynafit DyNA. The DyNA developed significant play in its rivets after only a few weeks of use. After 3 months of heavy use my Alien 1.0s have developed no play and still ski as well as they did on day 1. I always use either the gaiter or a race suit with a built in gaiter when skiing or skinning with this boot in soft snow.

    BSL for 26 and 27 sizes?

    BSL for 26 and 27 sizes?

    25 = 271mm

    26 = 279mm

    27 = 287mm

    Alien abduction at night Photo Credit- Jared Inouye

    The warm up for a friendly night of racing with the Wasatch crew.

    Alien abduction at night Photo Credit- Jared Inouye

    The 911 GTS of ski boots

      Yeah its closely related cousin the Alien (Porsche 911) works great, but this is the full blown Formula One boot ...that can be your daily driver too! Because it lost its bellows it can now handle a fatter ski too. With the carbon cuff (and carbon reinforcements around the ankle in the lower shell) this boots skis like a big boy boot ought too....and then it blows the doors off any other touring boot with its range of motion. Its the best of both worlds. Fit is more foot loves it. The liner is about 2mm thinner and an over wrap Vs the tongue liner in the (plastic cuffed) Alien. See my review of the Alien for fit etc. Both boots are nearly identical. Get it...if you enjoy racing and powder skiing/touring.

      Wick, thanks for the review. You mention the Dynafit DyNA PDG and EVO in your other review Alien (sans numerical appendage) -- how does the Alien 1.0 fit compare to any of the Dynafit models ... PDG, EVO, and/or TLT5 (w/ TF liner)?

      Jonathan - sorry for the long delay...I can't compare the fit personally, I've never demo'd the Dynafit models. What I do hear from folks is that the Alien allows for a slightly wider foot. Seems to me that you are either a SCARPA or Dynafit foot for fit.

      From another world

        At this price these boots better hike up the hill all by themselves! And they are so light that they feel like they do. I thought there would be no way that they could ski well, but they actually do with a skinny ski at least.

        I bought them for some skimo races and mainly for long technical traverses. I've had them out for several trial runs and been very impressed.

        FIT- Luckily I tried them on and went one full size larger than I normally wear. I'm usually a 28 and I fit nicely into the 29's. They are slim fitting like Scarpa tends to be. So far I haven't put in an insole and they feel great. My guess is I'll go without for racing and put some in for comfort on really long outings.

        BOA- They use a boa system to tighten the lower part of the boot. It works fine. For speed it seems like you don't want to play around with this much. Just find a tension that works and stick with it. If you pop the plug then they loosen up a ton and you'll take some time tightening it back down.

        UPPER CUFF- This is a pretty slick system that tightens the cuff and engages/disengages the walk mode all in one move. This takes some fiddling to get the cord at the right length. Too tight and it's very difficult to flip the latch into place. And too loose your boots aren't snug for the downhill. I find that leaning forward helps decrease the leverage and make it easier to engage.

        ROM- The range of motion for touring on these is incredible. I have hiking boots that feel more restrictive. They honestly feel like tennis shoes.

        DOWNHILL- They will ski! I'm driving small sticks, but they don't feel like fruit boots. I'm really surprised they can get that sort of performance out of that lightweight of boot.

        COLOR- Wow they stand out.

        DURABILITY- They seem really well built and much more sturdy than I was expecting.