SantiniGuard 3.0 Jacket - Men's

Sleek coverage for rainy training and race days.

Sleek and slim aren't adjectives we often get to pair with waterproof jackets, but the Santini Guard 3.0 Jacket captures a race-ready fit that's eager to conquer rainstorms with such resilience that not only do we get to throw those words together, but we can do so with confidence. The Guard 3.0 features a design that's streamlined and stretchy so that you can achieve an aerodynamic fit on top of your jersey, while backing it up with a completely waterproof membrane, so no excuses are necessary when blue skies turn to monsoon rains.

A breathable, hydrophilic membrane couples with the stretchy polyester fabric of the Guard 3.0 to provide ultimate weather protection. The membrane claims 100% waterproof protection, so whether you're riding through a light spring shower, or a wind-whipping storm with sideways rain, you can stay bone-dry underneath. The membrane breathes with ease, pulling sweat away from your skin and base layers to prevent you from getting clammy underneath the shell. Guard 3.0 features fully sealed seams and waterproof zippers, just to ensure any drips don't make it in through the cracks.

Super-light and packable, the Guard 3.0 is designed for easy carrying in your jersey's back pocket so it's easy to access when you need it. Though it does have a back pocket, it isn't designed to be packed into it, however the pocket does still have its own perks. With completely waterproof zippers, Santini claims that you can stash your electronics, cash, and cards securely, without risk of water damage. The back of the jersey features reflective details that keep you visible in low light situations, and a high collar and cuffs are topped off with thermofleece for a soft and comfortable touch against your skin, trapping warmth inside.

  • Slim-fit protection for race-day downpours
  • Hydrophilic membrane keeps water outside
  • Sealed seams and waterproof zips keep you dry
  • Excellent moisture transport pulls away sweat
  • Form-fitting for aerodynamic comfort
  • Reflective detailing elevates visibility
  • Waterproof zippered pocket offers secure stash
  • Thermofleece lined collar and cuffs add cozy warmth
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