A subtle investment in comfort.

For the most part, you're someone who likes to leave things up to chance when you ride. You look up at the sky when you head outside, not the radar, and you wear what you feel like, unconcerned with changing temperatures or possible weather that may occur a few miles into your day. Most of the time, you'd say this method works just fine, but when you grow tired of trying not to shiver through clenched teeth at the top of your next big climb, feeling your shoulders and neck lock up with tension as you begin your chilly descent, a piece like Santini's Guard 2.0 Vest would be a wise investment in preparedness. 

Made of lightweight, packable Monica fabric that block winds and repels water, the vest comes complete with a moisture-wicking interior liner that allows it to adeptly draw moisture away from your jersey to prevent you from overheating. Reflective accents above the two rear pockets help improve your visibility in rainy, low-light conditions, and the whole vest can easily be packed up and stuffed in a jersey pocket when you reach the warmer valley roads, so you can stay prepared without being overloaded with gear.

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