Cold weather performance.

If there isn't a big dump before a race day, then it's something else—like temperatures in the single digits. Thankfully the Salomon S/Race Skate Ski is prepared for those days when the cold snow threatens to slow things down. A long glide zone on the bases increases the thin water layer necessary for overcoming resistance on chilly race days, while the shallow pattern on the cold bases reduces friction even further. The camber underfoot is low riding, propelling you to the front of the pack, while the tip to tail carbon laminate gives you the stability you hunger for when fast acceleration is the difference between first and second place.

  • Skate ski for those bitter cold race days
  • Carbon provides stability and propulsion for fast acceleration
  • Low riding camber offers great response on cold snow
  • Race sidecut provides efficient momentum for high speed skating
  • Long glide zone maximizes the skier's speed in low temps
  • Cold base has shallow grind pattern for less friction
  • Foil protects the prewaxed bases until you're ready to brush them
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