Ditch the zip.

Stay light and free in the surf with the Quiksilver Men's 3/2 Highline Zipperless Wetsuit. FN Lite neoprene and a zipperless design combine to maximize flexibility and minimize weight, helping you get the most out of every surf session. 

FN Lite neoprene is created with more air bubbles, which not only enhances heat retention, but also shaves weight. Zippers don't stretch, so it makes sense that removing the zipper enhances mobility for a more fluid feel when you're paddling and catching waves. Red Seal Seam taping and Flush Lock 2.0 wrist and ankle seals keep cold water out when you're duck diving.

  • Light and flexible suit for cool waters
  • Zipperless design enhances stretch and shaves weight
  • More air bubbles make FN Lite neoprene lighter and warmer
  • Red Seal Seam taped seams keep water out
  • Flush Lock 2.0 wrist and ankle seals prevent flushing
  • Ecto-Flex knee pads protect you and your board
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