Primus Eta Express Stove
PrimusEta Express Stove

Built for speed, ease of use, and fuel efficiency.

After a long day on the trail, set up the Primus Eta Express Stove and whip up a hassle-free feast to replenish your pillaged energy stores. In addition to the compact Express stove, this kit includes a magnetic windscreen and a one-liter Eta pot with a heat exchanger for quick cook times and minimal fuel consumption.

  • Compatible with Primus PowerGas disposable canisters (canisters sold separately)
  • Stove, Eta pot, and windscreen produce a combined weight of just 15.8 ounces
  • Express stove cranks out 8900 BTU/hr and will boil water in just under three minutes
  • Fuel-efficient design allows the stove to run for 85 minutes on a single 8-ounce canister
  • Canister stove design is easy to setup and doesn't require any maintenance
  • Fuel adjuster valve allows you to control the heat output
  • Built-in Piezoelectric igniter instantly lights the burner
  • Included windscreen quickly attaches to the stove via powerful magnets
  • Included one-liter Eta pot with heat exchanger improves the transfer of heat for accelerated cook times
  • Eta pot also includes a BPA-free lid with a built-in strainer and a nesting plastic bowl
  • Use the Eta Express stove in above freezing temperatures for best performance
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Versatility Can't be Beat

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

I purchased this stove as a gift because I've used Primus stoves before and have always been impressed with them. My group and I tested this stove during a car camping expenditure in Goblin Valley last weekend and we were more than pleased to have brought it along. This little beauty does it all. We boiled water for coffee, and even cooked eggs and bacon in it. It was easy to light and quick to boil which is important when cooking for a large, hungry group. On solo expeditions I would opt for something slightly smaller and more compact, like a Jetboil. But overall, this stove would definitely be my first choice for group camping trips. A+

Versatility Can't be Beat

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Lunch Is Served!

Lunch Is Served!

Eta Express System

Getting ready to make some lunch!

Eta Express System

Eta Express

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Thank you to and Primus for hand selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the community. I have been using this stove and another Primus stove pretty extensively over the past month. I have tested out the stove with other pots than just the included one and have landed on some thoughts that I would like to share with those interested in buying a new cook system. When you get the box and open it you find inside a user manual, the stove, the pot, a lid, a separate bowl, a stuff sack, and a windscreen. All the pieces fit nicely together. The first thing I noticed was the overall quality of the product. The stove seemed well made with a piezo starter, the pot has a nice non-stick surface, the windscreen is brilliant, and the bowl nestles in with the pot.

Before I took the stove out into the woods I did a boil test in my kitchen with various pots to see what the different times would be depending on the pot you took. I achieved a 2:15 boil time with the supplied pot, a 2:36 with a .6L Brunton kettle, and a 3:00 boil time with a GSI Minimalist .6l pot. The stove was very controllable and easy to simmer with. The output of the stove was not as high as the Primus Express Stove I have (that thing sounds and looks like a jet), but it got the job done was there was no flame creep on any of the pots on full blast unlike the Primus Express. I really enjoyed this stove for that reason

In the field it worked great. I achieved a super fast boil time (under 2:40) and was able to simmer to keep my meal warm. The nonstick pot worked great and made clean up a breeze. Nothing burned to the bottom. To clean all I needed to do was splash around some water and it all slipped out. The lid was great to help strain some extra water that was left and made it easy to see what my food was doing while it was cooking because it is clear.

I will update this review as I use it more and push it to it's limits!

Versatile Cookset,

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This cookset comes with everything you need. I was surprised that it even came with a bowl, the only thing it didn't come with is a spoon, but most people already have one they like. Boils water extremely fast, in about a minute. It's just as fast as my jetboil, and more versatile. The pot has a non-stick coating so you can also use it as fry pan if you need to. I cooked an egg and fried hash browns in it. The lid fits the pot and the bowl, so you can keep things warm while you cook something else. It's a tad heavy, but it's flexibility to do more than just boil water makes it worth it.

Windshield works great

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Incredibly impressed with this stove. This second generation of this stove really shows a manufacturer listening to their customers. I live in Kansas and regularly deal with high winds. I took this stove on a 3 day camping trip and on 2 of the days dealt with 25-40 mph winds and had no issues boiling water using the supplied windscreen. Boils 600 mil of water in about 90 seconds.


    Great stove, comes with alot of nice features.