PrimusEssential Stove Set

Bring the whole kitchen.

If you've got a hungry party of dirt-clad travelers on your hands, consider feeding them with Primus' Essential Stove Set. Utilizing an integrated burner/wind guard combination, the Stove Set cooks up grub and brew quicker than most traditional camp stoves, so you won't be waiting 'till mid-morning to drink your coffee. Plus the lid doubles as a frying pan, so whatever you do, don't forget the bacon. And when it's time to pack up shop and hit the trail, the set (including wind-guard stove, 2 pans, tongs & lid) pack into a single rattle-free unit that's easier to pack than many multi-piece stove sets, so go ahead, bring the whole kitchen, because it honestly won't take up that much space.  

  • A minimal camp stove set for parties of 1-3 people
  • Integrated wind guard/stove minimizes cook times, ups efficiency
  • Aluminum pans, stove, and lid pack into single unit
  • Lid doubles as frying pan for sizzling up grub
  • Includes heat resistant tongs for easy gripping
  • Compatible with most pots and pans
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