POCAvip Ceramic VPDS Bib Short - Men's

Protection where you need it most.

In creating the Men's Avip Ceramic VPDS Bib Short, POC set out to reinforce areas prone to nasty abrasion and tearing when you slide out on the road or suffer a particularly bad crash. In doing so, they designed this bib short with a ceramic print along the outer thighs that reduces friction on hard surfaces like asphalt, yet without compromising the fabric's overall flexibility and comfort when you're normally cycling. This ceramic print also enhances the bib short's aerodynamics, as it works to disrupt airflow and lessen drag as you push down the road at a brisk cadence.

For the main body of the bib shorts, POC employs a compressive fabric with a good deal of stretch, so you're properly supported for hours in the saddle. This way, your muscles remain stabilized while pushing themselves, but you're never restricted from pedaling swiftly or getting out of the saddle on grueling climbs and sprints. This compressive, ultra-stretchy fabric meets breathable mesh bibs that stabilize the short in an upright position and prevent overheating by channeling in cooling airflow.

Delving into the heart and soul of this bib short, you'll find a premium Multi D chamois with silicone-based VPDs inserts that reduce incoming road vibration and optimize airflow to prevent excessive sweating in the saddle. This means you'll be able to finish longer rides without succumbing to irritation or soreness in the saddle, even if you're riding over particularly rough stretches of asphalt that would normally cause soreness.

  • Premium bib short reinforced from abrasive crashes
  • Ceramic print along thighs protects from road rash
  • Compressive fabric supports and stabilizes key muscles
  • Ample stretch characteristics for full range of motion
  • Multi D chamois with VPDs inserts to reduce vibration
  • Breathable mesh bibs stabilize shorts without sweating
  • 4.5cm elastic leg endings keep bottoms firmly in place
  • Small pocket in the rear for carrying essentials
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Can't go Wrong

    Rock these on the road and they have a great Chamois