The master of wool.

If you thought that Pendleton only made world famous blankets, you thought wrong. When it comes to wool, these guys are the masters, and the evidence is in the Men’s Jackson Hole Jacket. The durable outer shell offers a winning combination of wool and nylon over the torso and a hero cotton blend over the arms and shoulders.

With wind protection on lock, a laminated TPU membrane takes up water-resisting responsibilities to help keep you dry when you get caught in the beginnings of a winter snow storm. The most critical seams have been sealed to help prevent water from breaking through to your snazzy outfit underneath. And to top it all off, a lining of synthetic Thermore insulation is there for you to keep you warm when you’ve got no one else to turn to.

  • A respectable winter jacket with all the up-to-date stylings of today
  • Water-resisting membrane offers real winter protection
  • Checkered wool fabric is mixed with nylon for enhanced durability
  • Cotton blend over the shoulders helps to fend of wind chill
  • Critical seams sealed for maximum water-resistance protection
  • Synthetic insulation lines the jacket to keep you warm
  • Adjustable hood features a standup collar for stylish function
  • Secure pockets add style and hands-free storage
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