When fighting a stubborn bottom bracket cup, the worst option — especially if you value the skin on your knuckles — is a slip-prone, open-end wrench. The ideal alternative is a six-point connection, like the dual-sided 24/25.4mm (one-inch) opening found here on Pedro's Pro Socket Handle 2.0.

It provides the mechanical purchase necessary to safely remove bottom brackets, freewheels, and cassette lockrings. In fact, this tool is directly compatible with Pedro's 24mm snap-channel bottom bracket, freewheel, and cassette sockets. The Pro Socket Handle 2.0 is constructed from heat-treated tool steel, features a cushioned grip, and has a length that'll give you the upper hand.

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Is this compatible with the park tool...

Is this compatible with the park tool sockets?

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How's it going if the question is, if you can slide sockets in an out of this tool the answer is no these sockets are actually welded into the tool to give the operator maximum leverage.

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