• Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Peach Sherbet
    Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Black
    Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Detail
    Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Back
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Detail
    Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - On-Model Back
    Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Front
    Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Front
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Peach Sherbet
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Black
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Detail
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Back
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Detail
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - On-Model Back
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Front
  • Patagonia - Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's - Front
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Patagonia Airshed Pullover Jacket - Women's

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Tech Specs

Responsible Collection:
Certified B-Corp
[body] 20D nylon mechanical stretch, DWR treatment, [cuffs and hem] 79% nylon, 21% spandex
1 chest
Claimed Weight:
Recommended Use:
trail running, biking
Manufacturer Warranty:

Tropic of Capricorn.

You're certainly not opposed to a retreat to the sauna after a long and arduous day on the trail, but you're not too keen on experiencing that same balmy treatment in your baselayers. Queue up the Patagonia Women's Airshed Pullover Jacket and prepare yourself for a revolutionized layering experience that's anything but steamy.

The Airshed is constructed with the same stretchy, breathable, and weather-resistant fabric as Patagonia's Nano-Air jacket, making it ideal for trail running or biking in ever-changing weather. A DWR treatment fends off light precipitation and moisture, while the chest pocket converts into a stuff sack and allows you to easily store the Airshed when its not in use. The quarter-zip construction allows you to release excess body heat quickly, so you don't have to remove the jacket all together and compromise your protection.

  • Stave off inclement weather with this adaptive pullover
  • Fabric is equal parts stretchy and breathable
  • DWR treatment fends off light moisture and precipitation
  • Stretch knit cuffs and hem wick away moisture and dry quickly
  • Quarter-length zip offers on-the-go temperature regulation
  • Reflective logo promotes added visibility in low light
  • Pullover stuffs into chest pocket for convenience
  • Patagonia designs clothing that's adaptive and hard-wearing

amazing for anything/everything

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Small

This jacket/shirt/whatever is insane. I thought I would use it for running and I do, but I just wear it all the time now. I took it on a trip to Ecuador and it was my MPV for sun protection, wind, apres-snorkel, you name it. I throw it on at home for runs, trail runs, hikes, and days on the lake or the river. Plus, it washes super well whether you're doing sink laundry, camp laundry, or at home.

My Go To Trail Running Jacket

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: small

This jacket is great for that spring or fall day on the trails when you have no clue what weather you will run into. It packs up tiny but offers awesome wind and light rain protection. If you're going to expect heavy rain I wouldn't recommend this as your only jacket, but for those unexpected smaller windy/rainy days this jacket does the trick. A must have to add to my hydration vest every-time I lace up to hit the trails.

A Runners favorite jacket

  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: small

I bought this for my mom who has been a runner her entire life this is what she said,

Perfect Trail Running Jacket

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: small

I wear this jacket on chilly trail runs and even have worn it through very rainy days. So far it has held up great! The jacket fits true to size and packs nicely to fit in my backpack. The material is amazing and really allows your body to breathe while still keeping you warm and dry. A must have for PNW trail runners.

Great for fall MTB

    I was skeptical when i got this Jacket as it appears flimsy in material. I gave it a shot, and wow i loved it! My boyfriend and i just got back from a 2 day mtb trip in Sun Valley, and it was perfect over my long sleeve swiftly shirt with 45-50 degree weather. Its breathable and I never took it off. ALSO - i got engaged in this jacket so its the best!

    Great for fall MTB

    Comes Along for Every Run

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
    • Fit: True to size
    • Size Bought: XL

    Like other reviewers, I had a special bond with my Houdini. I used it for both hiking and running. Unfortunately, when running, you can overheat pretty fast in the Houdini. It doesn't breathe much, there are no vents, and you start to feel like a swamp – not great for a place that is often 50 degrees with fog and wind. I decided to try the Airshed, since I usually don't use the hood on the Houdini anyway, and wow what a treat! It's the perfect layer for Bay Area running.

    First, it's really soft and breathes well. It doesn't feel like you're in a trash bag once you heat up, like the Houdini. It feels more like a regular running shirt, but better. I've used it a lot on mountain runs where the terrain alternates between forest, and exposed hills with a lot of wind. I also use it almost every weeknight in San Francisco, running in Golden Gate Park by the ocean, where cold fog rolls in like clockwork partway through my run. Until the fog comes, I just unzip the shirt and I don't overheat. It's also kept me warm enough to grab a sunset burger outside after my runs. Since it's so light it always goes in my running vest, no matter what the weather is.

    I'll still probably pull out the Houdini for anything heavier than a drizzle, but otherwise the Airshed is my go to. I sized up a bit so I'd be able to layer over anything, this fits more like most Patagonia shirts, unlike the Houdini and Capilene which run smaller. I wish they made a t-shirt in this material!

    Thanks so much for your feedback Beth! Glad the Airshed is treating you well.

    No pack? No problem!

      Rain clouds in the distance......better bring my jacket just in case!

      No pack? No problem!

      I put my Houdini away!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
      • Fit: True to size
      • Size Bought: XS

      I have to confess: I have been loyal to my Houdini for the past year of running, biking, hiking, and didn't think anything could be better....and then I met the Airshed. At first I felt guilty leaving my Houdini stuffed in my closet, but the more time I spent in my Airshed, the less I thought about my once favorite jacket.

      My favorite thing about the Airshed is the breathability. Spring weather runs are hard to dress for--you're hot, then you're cold, repeat. I have found that for runs in the early morning when I need a light layer--this is perfect. I can keep it on even when I warm up--I just unzip and I cool off surprisingly quick. Chilly bike rides can be tough to dress for--you're cold on the downhill but don't want a jacket sticking to you when you're climbing--the Airshed doesn't stick! It somehow keeps the air magically flowing so you stay comfortableg going up and down.
      Also, you know when you're running or riding in the Houdini, and you SWEAR someone is right behind you because of that classic windbreaker sound? The airshed is softer and there's no mysterious "whoosh whoosh whoosh" noise.

      I've worn it in light rain, and watched the water roll off. I haven't been in any crazy winds yet, but I'm excited to see how it compares to the Houdini cutting the wind when I'm up on summits.

      I have used this multiple times a week for the last three months, and it still looks new every time I pull it out of the wash. While it's not stink proof, I feel like I can get a few more wears out of it than the Houdini before I start to think, "oh wait, that's ME that stinks."

      Just like the Houdini, it's super portable and I usually just keep it balled up in my pack.

      I can't praise this jacket enough--can I give it 6 stars?

      Thanks for the review Sheena! Super helpful to get this feedback out to the community.

      Airshed Pullover

        Airshed Pullover

        I live in this jacket!

          I live in this jacket!

          DWR in action! #flubber

            Check out how well the airshed repels water!


            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
            • Fit: True to size
            • Size Bought: small

            Being loyal to the Houdini jacket, I was skeptical when the air shed rolled out. Breathable, while still blocking some wind AND repelling water? We'll see. After a fall, winter, and spring of trail running, touring, mountain biking, and trips to the gym, my skepticism was laid to rest. The air-shed slays. Sure during the most fowl weather days (insane wind, and some rain), I'll reach for the houdini, but most days, it's all air shed. Layer it with any base layer and you will hardly notice the early morning chill. Stuff it into your fanny pack during a big climb and pop it on for your descent and your good to go. Warm up at the gym or quick jaunt to the dog park, happy times.

            Really what I love most is the breath-ability and pack-ability. It is seriously unnoticeable while you are wearing it, but man is it working hard for you! The DWR is also killer. Pour some water on it and watch the water roll around like fllubber! It is the face fabric of the nano-air after all, so it HAS to be good.

            Photo: Spring riding in Nevada is perfect Airshed weather!


            Perfect Spring Top

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
            • Fit: True to size
            • Size Bought: small

            I am a die hard Patagonia Houdini advocate and didn't think anything could be better until I got an Airshed... This is the most perfect spring top for any outdoor activity, running, hiking, camping, etc. You know how spring can be sort of bipolar? Some days still feel like winter, some it's raining and some you have hope for summer? This top is perfect for all of those occasions. For running and hiking in 20-30ish degree weather you can wear it with a technical long sleeve underneath. For anything warmer, you can wear it alone or wear a short sleeve or tank top underneath and you're good to go. This top is awesome to start your run or hike in and once you warm up take it off and throw it in your pack. Then have it for backup either when you get to the top and it's cold or to throw on when the sun sets. It compacts to the size of an avocado! For camping it's great for chilly mornings and evenings or when there's a breeze. The material is ah-mazing! I've always loved the Houdini because it doesn't make that annoying windbreaker/rain jacket crinkle noise but the Airshed puts it to shame when it comes to noise. There is no noise at all and the fabric is so soft and light. I also love that there is no hood. A lot of long sleeve tops come with a hood and often for running I have to have my running partner push the hood down behind my hydration pack so that it doesn't bounce around and I don't have to do that with top. I have not used it in light precipitation yet. If you're looking for something waterproof this is not the top. I think if I were to run in light precipitation I would want to wear my Houdini and have the hood option to cover my hair. Even casually this top is awesome. It's great for days where a sweatshirt is too warm but a shirt just isn't enough. You have to check this top out for yourself. The versatility is ridiculous. It doesn't make sense how warm yet cool, breathable and light this top is.

            If you have any questions I'd love to answer them for you.
            Jordan Kelch
            Gearhead Account Manager

            Perfect Spring Top

            Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.

            • Familiarity: I've used it several times
            • Fit: True to size
            • Size Bought: Small

            From time to time, I feel like Goldilocks from Goldilocks and The Three Bears when it comes to layering: sometimes I'm too hot, others I'm too cold. And as I start to increase my mileage in anticipation of longer spring/summer/fall runs, I have less and less patience for too-bulky or too-hot layers.

            So when Patagonia debuted the Airshed Pullover, I was really, really excited and kind of felt as though the company had been reading my mind. I say this only because I was out on a run the other day, daydreaming about how awesome it would be to have a simple, weather-resistant layer that was also highly breathable: something that was less thick than the Wind Shield Jacket, yet more stretchy (and a little more breathable) than the Houdini Jacket. And while it probably sounds like several shades of kooky for me to be daydreaming about gear while out on a run, I was pretty fixated on the fact that my choice in layers REALLY wasn't working for me. I was way too hot despite my strategic layering system and as a result was having difficulty focusing on my run. However, had I been wearing the Airshed, I doubt that I would have been in such a tizzy.

            The Airshed's material is resistant to wind and water, yet extremely lightweight, highly breathable, quick-drying, and super stretchy. Initially, I was thinking that the material would be more akin to the Houdini, but it's not - think more stretch and even more thin (and less swish). I'd venture to say its maybe 3 sheets-of-paper-thin, but its pliable constitution makes the Airshed ideal for aerobic activities, like running. I can even envision the Airshed being a great companion for spring tours through the backcountry or to be worn while mountain biking.

            I foresee the Airshed being a staple in general come spring. However, I largely foresee wearing the Airshed on steep climbs and ascents that require lightweight protection and ample breathabilty, yet due to its thin construction, it will be easy to layer atop it and accommodate for colder descents that might require a little insulation... which is what I did the other day!

            I recently took the Airshed for a cruise up the Bonneville Shoreline. It was 32-degrees, sunny (so deceptively warm), with some pretty bite-y winds and the Airshed performed spectacularly. It was highly breathable on the uphill, yet provided me with wind-resistant protection on the straightaways and flat zones. The stretch promoted a full range of mobility, which is an obvious benefit for runners.

            However, I threw on a vest during the descent to insulate my core, to which the Airshed maintained its breathability and expedited the buildup of moisture to prevent me from catching a chill.

            As for the fit, it's definitely true to size. I picked up a Small thinking that with the slim fit it would fit comfortably, but it's definitely a bit more relaxed than anticipated - I think I probably could have gone with an Extra Small. However, the Small certainly isn't impeding the overall effectiveness of the piece so I'd say its largely general preference. I don't like my clothing to be super form-fitting, so that's why the Small fits just fine for me.

            Oh! And the zippered chest pocket accommodates an iPhone 7 plus - a nice convenience when you're transitioning from the trails to the grocery store.

            Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.


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