Creature comforts, storage space, and an easy-going shape.

Old Town created the Heron 11XT Kayak for novice and recreational paddlers who want a versatile, everyday closed-cockpit kayak with a little extra storage space and comfort. An aggressive keel shape offers precise tracking at the stern, and the hull flares out around the cockpit for stability in calm or rough water. Slide inside the roomy cockpit and slip into quiet coves for a little fishing or just enjoy a relaxing day on the water with friends.

  • Polyethylene hull material makes this boat durable, smooth, and highly resistant to warping
  • Comfort Flex outfitting features padded back and seat panels, an easy-to-use adjustment system, and an included cup holder
  • Thigh pads keep your thighs comfortable and away from the hard plastic of the gunnel rail
  • Support Track footbrace system provides support for the paddler's feet with a pair of padded rubber pedals inside the cockpit
  • Support Track system is adjustable to accommodate paddlers of different sizes and leg lengths
  • Cockpit rim allows you to use a spray skirt
  • Stern hatch uses a Click Seal hatch cover to keep water out and a bulkhead to keep water from leaking in from the cockpit area
  • Bow and stern carry handles make it easy to unload this boat from your vehicle and load it into the water
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Unanswered Question

how high is this kayak?

Unanswered Question

I'm looking at tbe Old Town Heron 11XT Kayak and wanted to know if it has a drain plug? Also, how high is the kayak?

Unanswered Question

what does click seal hatch mean?

Great Little Kayak!

    I love kayaking! This is my third kayak and it's the best of the three I've had, and the others were also great. It tracks as well as the other two did, about 2-3 degrees back-and-forth off point with each paddle stroke, and it's VERY stable in the water ? at the point my other two would have rolled, it was still afloat with no hint of rolling ... certainly it's capable of rolling over, but I haven't found it's rolling point yet ? it's very stable! However, it's MUCH LESS stable when launching from the beach, due to the hull construction, and tends to rock back and forth (I scoot into the water when launching, and back onto the beach when landing), but once in the water it's as stable as can be. The hatch holds the C-Tug trolley very nicely, but leaves little room for anything else. However, it's possible to store the C-Tug trolley behind the seat while paddling and use the hatch storage for other things, like photography equipment. The hatch has a very nice water-resistant seal on it that is quite air-resistant also (you can hear the air hissing past it as you force it closed), so I doubt any water will get past it in rough weather (a problem I had with the other 2 kayaks) ? making it great for photography equipment. The only thing I dislike about the kayak is the selection of colors: I don't want a tie-dye kayak, so that only left lemon-green, or black-cherry. Lemon-green is more aircraft visible, so I went with that ... but definitely not my preferred color! I would have liked the selection to be in traditional kayak colors ... no tie-dye options. Even still, this kayak is in high demand and hard to find in stock. I live in Alaska, and it took exactly 2 weeks to arrive after it was shipped. When it did, it was in excellent condition. So, I can recommend this kayak for it's excellent stability in the water, and it's excellent seal on the hatch ... and, if you like tie-dye colors you are in for a treat!