Long, fast, and friendly to paddlers still conquering the learning curve.

Glide quickly and efficiently across long stretches of open water when you're at the helm of the Tetra 12 Sit-On-Top Kayak. Ocean Kayak borrowed the Tetra's sleek hull shape from touring kayaks, which are designed for long-haul paddling. Comfortable seating, an open cockpit, and easily-accessible bow storage make this boat particularly friendly to novice and intermediate paddlers who want to go a little further on the water.

  • California Hard Chine hull shape offers tons of lateral stability for the waves and gives this boat a precise, maneuverable feeling
  • Straight hull profile (no rocker) offers the best tracking (keeping a straight line) for long-distance paddling
  • Removable Comfort Hybrid seat has tons of padding and dries quickly
  • Support Track System has two pedals for your feet, and the pedals adjust easily to accommodate different leg lengths
  • Rear tankwell offers enough storage for a small dry bag and features bungee cord webbing to keep your gear secure
  • Paddle-keeper bungee on the side secures your paddle when you take a moment to rest or to take pictures
  • Quick Seal bow hatch keeps items dry and secure
  • Bow drain plug makes it easy to drain any water from inside the hull
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Great First Kayak!

    This is my first kayak and we had a great summer exploring on it. The sit-on-top decision has worked out well. The seat is comfortable and the pedal tracks are a great feature. There's plenty of storage space between the rear tankwell and the bow hatch for our day use. While I appreciate the stability that comes with the size and weight, it's longer and heavier than I expected and takes two people of get on/off the car. If I were to do it again, I think I might have gone with the Tetra 10 but the 12 nonetheless has worked out great and I'm looking forward to many more adventures on it!

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