Pop the medium Scupper Valve into your Ocean Kayak's hull and put an end to the soggy rear. Pull em out when it's time to port-out and those scupper holes can do their duty of draining any water that decided to stow away in your boat.

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Do they fit the Old Towne Predator MX?...

Do they fit the Old Towne Predator MX? They look just like the original ones for that model.

Will these plugs work in Jackson 12 sit...

Will these plugs work in Jackson 12 sit on top kayak?

Since they're not made by jackson, the measurements might be a bit off. These plugs have a pretty specific size so if they're off there's no hope for them. I would reccommend something more like one of the following. They have more of a taper and might fit better into a hole that is not exactly the same size.

Harmony Scuppers:


Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers:


Will these work with Ocean Kayak's...

Will these work with Ocean Kayak's Frenzy?

depending on when your frenzy was made, they may or may not. It looks like these medium sized scupper valves only fit the 10/25/05 XKA03712J506 frenzy model.
Check out this chart for more info (from OC's website):

Killer plugs

    Great concept but they were smaller than the other medium Ocean Kayak scupper plugs.

    I have ocean the ocean kayak 4.3 trident.Purchased 3 sets. Went with the medium scupper plugs. They fit tight. They allow any water that comes in to disapate out. I have to purchase another set since the 4.3 trident has 9 drain holes. Great product