Mustang SurvivalLil' Legends 70 Personal Flotation Device - Kids'

Legends survive childhood.

You chose to name your kid after you, and putting the Mustang Survival Kids' Lil' Legends 70 Personal Flotation Device on junior is a good step toward being able to see You, III., all grown up. From a company that works with the Coast Guard and other marine professionals comes a comfortable, stylish, and reliable PFD for your offspring. Years in the making, this life jacket won't leave your little one hot and sweaty while on deck, and segmented front panels make it easy for your human spider monkey to scale the speed or sailboat's ladder.
Crafted for kids, this life-jacket comes in two sizes so you can help your child find the perfect fit. Nylon provides a rugged front, and mesh at the back lets fresh air tickle your tyke's back so laps on the diving board aren't an endeavor in over-heating. PVC-free foam makes floating fun, and the movement-friendly design lets Junior practice his strokes above the water. The 1.5-inch-wide webbing wraps around your kid's chest and through his or her legs. When you adjust the crotch and chest straps, the PFD shouldn't wind up around your little monkey's ears. Delrin buckles are fast to snap open and close so no time is wasted when the beach beckons.

  • Child: chest 21-24 inches, 30-50 pounds
  • Youth: chest 24-29 inches, 50-90 pounds
  • USCG III (pending)
  • Nylon outer, mesh back
  • PVC-free flotation foam
  • 1.5-inch wide webbing
  • Delrin buckles
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