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The Heat Exchanger makes cooking with your MSR stove and 1.5- and 2-liter pots faster and more efficient.

Increase the efficiency of your MSR stove up to 25% with the MSR Heat Exchanger. MSR's waffled design channels heat from the stove up the sides of the pot, increasing the heated surface area of the pot. This means your water and food heat up faster, and you save fuel. Use the Heat Exchanger with all MSR 1.5- and 2-liter pots (with the exception of the Titan 1.5-liter).

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Unanswered Question

What are the minimum and maximum circumferences this heat exchanger will fit?

I was like... WTF?

    I purchased one of these and was thinking it was going to be great to use instead of the clumsy aluminum that comes with MSR stoves. I went out to the garage and pulled out my different pots. This one is too big and so is this one.. Etc.. Etc.. I finally get down to my itsy bitsy pots and it finally wraps around them. I ended up getting a Reactor stove in the 1.7L and I just use that to crank out melting and boiling water when trying to pack light. I think it is a toss up whether to get one of these or not. I do like it when I have used it, I just wish they had a larger size option. The bigger the pot, the more liquid or snow needing to be efficiently heated.

    What is the dementions of this?

    What is the dementions of this?

    When you unscrew it (Laid flat) 24 x 2.75 inches

    Hope this was helpful :D

    Can it be used with other manufacturers'...

    Can it be used with other manufacturers' MF stoves and cookware ?

    It works with a variety of pots from other manufacturers between 1.5L and 2.5L. Since it clamps to the pot itself, the stove shouldn't an issue.


      works great, have used it with a few different pots and seems to work better than without it. not sure how much faster or better it is, but it does work.

      Will this work with my msr dragon fly and...

      Will this work with my msr dragon fly and the pot I use is Primus EtaPower Pot 1.7L

      Best Answer

      The MSR Heat Exchanger will definitely work with your Dragonfly stove & pot however the negligible extra heating power you might possibly gain isn't worth the additional weight since the Primus EtaPower Pot already has a built-in heat exchanger.

      MSR says it can be used on a 1.5L and 2L...

      MSR says it can be used on a 1.5L and 2L pot.

      Has anyone tried using it on a 2.5L pot?

      I have an MSR 2.5L pot and I was wondering if it would work.

      Best Answer

      I have MSR's stainless steel 2.5 liter pot and it fits just fine! Slight gap, but really nothing to worry about. Be aware though, that it may leave some fine scratch marks where the closure is - more character than anything!

      great for helping to save fuel and speed boiling times

        i've used this on all my trips except for the most ultra light summer backpacking trips. it does a great job of heating teh sides of the pot, and saving valueable heat from escaping into the wild blue yonder. in cold temps, it aids boiling time, and i'm always boiled up faster than my buddies who don't use the exchanger. it's heavy, but can offset its own weight over long trips due to saved fuel. this is especially true in mountaineering/alpine trips where temps can be very cold. i'd give it 5 stars, but it is a bit heavy... sidenote, mine is litterally 16 years old, and looks brand new. well made and very durable.

        Gabe is right about the heat exchanger. I've had mine for years, and it heats meals faster and more evenly than without. One thing he didn't mention is that it really shines in windy conditions. I position the exchanger about 1 1/2 or 2 inches below the pot, and it catches the flame that is otherwise lost to the wind. I wish MSR would come out with a lighter version, though.

        Mine is also 15 years old and in perfect condition. Now that I have it, it's an essential part of my gear for any type of outdoor cooking. I like it for all the reasons Gabe and jnslop mention. MSR should make it a $25 dollar item.