So thin but so powerful, Mophie's Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy SIII looks like any other thin, protective case but hides quite the secret, a super dense extra battery. You only have to sit through one night class without the use of social media to realize how important extra battery life can be. With the flip of a switch you can virtually double the life of your Samsung's battery. Enjoy up to seven hours more of talking, nine hours of Internet, 32 hours of audio, or eight hours of video playback with Mophie's Juice Pack. Oh, and did we mention that's it's also a protective case? Easy-to-hold and durable, the two-piece slider housing protects your investment from drops, scratches, and daily abuse.

  • Protective, two-piece slider case
  • Easy-to-hold design
  • 100% battery life extension
  • Specific to the Samsung Galaxy SIII
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