Born to be wild.

Taking a step back in time, Modern Surfboards took note from the traditional fish outlines of the 70’s, and combined them with modern bottom contours and a quad set-up to bring you the fast, smooth, and free-flowing Wild Child PU Shortboard Surfboard. The Wild Child is designed to be surfed significantly shorter than your standard board, and it's recommended that you use the FCSII Split Keel quad fin setup to get the most out of what this board has to offer.

Suited to all skill levels, the polyurethane construction ensures a strong, reliable board with a progressive flex pattern that's ready to perform in all surf conditions, with waves ranging from one to eight feet. Its fuller nose and straighter outline through the mid and back sections create stability, while the deep curved swallow tail helps you hold tight on the face of the wave. Single concave through the entry offers exceptional start-up speed and acceleration, then the soft double concave through the tail ensures lively response when turning. Low rocker promotes speed and flow to allow the board to carry over flatter sections, as well as paddle out and catch your wave easier, while the full rail and tapered foil boosts stability up front and increases the control you'll need for its wider tail.

  • Tradition-inspired swallowtail shortboard for all skill levels
  • PU construction provides a durable, responsive ride
  • Double-concave keep you fast and flowing with responsive control
  • Low rocker makes paddling out easy and carries speed through flat
  • Tapered foil keeps it stable up front, and responsive at the tail
  • Designed to be surfed decently shorter than your standard board
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