Modern Surfboards Blackbird Longboard Surfboard
Modern SurfboardsBlackbird Longboard Surfboard

Just happy to be here.

You don't really care if the waves are mushy or overhead—as long as you're in the water, you're happy. The same could be said about the Modern Surfboard Blackbird Longboard. Featuring a fun shape and reliable PU construction, this simple, proven board provides beginners and advanced riders alike with good times, no matter what the wave conditions are.

A full and generous outline from nose to tail offers maximum stability on small-to-medium size waves. A rounded nose area allows you to comfortably shift your weight forward when trimming along a wave, while a slight taper through the tail lets you maneuver with ease. Low-to-moderate rocker helps this board paddle into waves smoothly and make flowing turns. Vee-to-double concave bottom offers easy rail-to-rail transitions, while adding speed and response when driving off the tail. Compared to other fun boards on the market, the Blackbird has a bigger sweet spot that makes it a dream to ride, regardless of your skill level.

  • Fun, reliable longboard for surfers of all abilities
  • PU construction offers progressive flex pattern
  • Generous shape for maximum stability
  • Low-to-moderate rocker paddles into waves easily
  • Vee-to-double concave for easy rail-to-rail transitions
  • Plenty of volume in nose and tail makes it easier to ride
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