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MetoliusT-Nut Bag

For the determined home climber.

When it's time to convert that spare bedroom, forgotten basement, or unused garage into your own personal climbing gym, you'll need a bunch of nuts. Good thing Metolius offers this 100-count T-Nut Bag to secure your array of holds to the those wooden walls that you've just spent hours assembling.

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    Only had them for a few weeks but they've been great for our backyard wall

    Work great

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    These are fantastic, great price and nice clean product. I agree very much with other reviewers in that you ought to ad a touch of glue. I also opted to screw them in rather than hammer them in, and generally followed the outline here: http://www.threeballclimbing.com/climbing_wall_plans/20install4prongtnuts.htm
    Couple things to note: I just used a 1x4 rather than 2x4 because the bolts I had were shorter and if you're going to use Gorilla glue (a great product) please wear gloves...I can tell you the story another time. Also, I strongly agree with using lubrication, it really does make a big difference. As with most things in life, lube makes everything better.

    Thanks for the great review Jacob! Awesome tip for getting the t-nuts to seat properly!

    Good price

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I looked around my local hardware stores and t-nuts were priced higher than what they cost here. As a few reviewers have mentioned, might be good to drop a bit of glue on these before you put them in. Out of about 60 nuts that I set a couple popped out on me when setting up some holds.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    As soon as you get these guys in securely they are absolutely wonderful. The only problem I ran into was that some had a tendency to pop out. I found that by coating them with a touch of Gorilla Glue they stayed in much better though, definitely worth doing as you set yours up!

    If you’re looking into climbing gear and are looking for a recommendation, give me a call or shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help you out with some recommendations.

    I’m typically in the office Monday-Friday and would love to talk, but if you call and I’m not in, make sure to leave the best number to call you back at or your email address in the voicemail.

    Phone: 801-204-4680
    Email: dgoodman@backcountry.com

    As simple as it gets

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    These are solid and work great. My only suggestion would be to make sure you use some kind of all-purpose glue to hold them in. They have a tendency to pop out of the back of the softer spots in my home climbing wall.

    Thanks for the review Sterling! Super helpful to get this feedback out to the community.

    Worked Great

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I used these hammer ins to make my little training wall in my garage. No problems, they have worked great.

    Best around

      Let me know if you can find a better deal.

      They go alright

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      The t-nuts vary ever so slightly in diameter in comparison to the nuts included in the metolius mega pack, which caused a few small headaches and blowouts in my plywood. Also, the metal has fairly poor integrity, the teeth like to bend, and snap.

      Para la construcción de palestras

        Los T-nuts son una herramienta indispensable para la construcción de palestras. Los de Metolius son de muy buena calidad. EL tiempo de durabilidad es, teoricamente, mayor.

        Confused, is there 25 or 100 in the bag?...

        Confused, is there 25 or 100 in the bag? There are two different figures in the description and when you go to check out...

        Best Answer

        Right now it looks as if only the 25-packs are in stock. Only 2 left at the time of this answer.

        Hope this helps!

        Luh Dem T-Nuts

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        Just got a bag o' these nuts to help my buddy build a climbing wall in his garage and have been quite satisfied. These t-nuts are very easy to use and I find that once they are in the hole they don't like to come out, thanks to their 4-prong design.

        A T-Nut is not a T-Nut

          If you have had to replace a fair amount of t-nuts you know there is a difference. I would rather replace a 4 prong t-nut over a screw in any day.

          i agree that 4 prongs are easier to replace. i would also say that screw-ins installed correctly need to be replaced less often. and when it comes to discussions of functionality, they all hold 3/8s inch bolts. you can buy 4 prong t nuts for more than 50% less than "name brand" metolius.

          found them cheaper elsewhere

            i gave it for stars because basically, a t-nut is a t-nut. two reviews below said metolius was cheap, i found them way cheaper from on online hardware supplier. just shop around and get a good price by whatever brand.

            Get it done

              Very happy with these, and a great price, cheaper than any hardware store. I haven't had a problem just smashing them in with a hammer, no alignment issues as of yet.

              Price Varies Widely

              • Familiarity: I've used it several times

              The price for 3/8-16 t-nuts varies widely. This price is the second best I've found; you can find them cheaper on Amazon. A couple of local hardware stores had cheap t-nuts for all sizes except 3/8-16. Very strange.

              When installing, I've found that using a bolt to pull them into place instead is a better method than pounding them with a hammer from the back side of the wall. So far, I haven't had any spinners or crooked t-nuts.

              do the job

                These are t-nuts, nothing fancy but they work. My only suggestion is to take the time when installing. Its a pain to remove a panel once your wall is put together.

                these are t-nuts

                  nice review title, right? there's really not much to say about these. i used about 400-500 of them on my home wall and they all work just fine. the only thing i would say is that unless you spend a TON of time when you're initially putting them in, you're going to have a few that come out kinda crooked. just take a long bolt and carefully thread it in then pull on it real hard a few times. that will reseat the nut in the wall and allow you to easily screw on your hold. so far i've had no problems with these whatsoever.

                  Any idea what size bolt these fit?

                  I'm guessing they're just regular 3/8in but just making sure!

                  Brent; they are 3/8", 4-prong