Metolius Ladder Aider 1in
MetoliusLadder Aider 1in

Whether its A0 or A5, the Ladder Aider provides you with the next step.

For demanding and technical aid climbing and big-wall ascents, stand strong with the Metolius 8 Step Ladder Aider. This aider features Biothane step stiffeners to keep the step open and a reinforced clip-in point for durability. A full strength grab loop gives you something to hold onto when reaching for that next placement, and a dedicated clip-in point lets you enchain aiders without collapsing the bottom step.

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    Gifted these for a friend heading to Yosemite. So far testing them out on various climbs on the way down, they're getting great call-outs from my friend and his partners.

    When do these come back in stock?

    Hi Ryan,

    Looks like we have some of them on order now. We should be getting them in sometime in mid-late July I would imagine. Our inventory arrival rates are not incredibly accurate unfortunately so that is my best guess.

    Matthew Pizza

    Expert Gearhead


    How long is the ladder?

    Hey gal105859197,

    The overall length of this aider is 74 inches.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


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    Tito on El Cap

    On Dihedral Wall, we both had our Metolius Ladders, made aid life simple and faster!

    Tito on El Cap

    Flying up pitches with the 8 Step Ladder

    My buddy on the perfect splitter finger crack on the South Face Washington Column. His first big wall!

    Flying up pitches with the 8 Step Ladder


    my spreader bar

    Two thin sticks on the top and bottom as well as tiny sticks on the side, all wrapped in duct tape as well as a few bands of electrical kept these ladders permanently spread.

    my spreader bar

    my favorite aider

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I've just recently gotten onto big wall climbing. Practicing my aid on single pitch routes then doing 3 big walls in 3 weeks was an awesome experience! I used the Etriers at first but when a friend let me try his 8 step ladders out, I was hooked on them. They make the process of big wall climbing way faster in my opinion.

    They're much easier to blast up and make that top step, have a full strength and big grab loop, are comfortable to stand on all day, and are same weight as Etriers. The Biothane steps are very nice BUT I did have to make a homemade spreader bar on top step to keep rest of the ladder wide open. Over-all I felt very comfortable on these ladders and made Half Dome a very sweet experience! (picture) me and Devin on top of pitch 18.

    my favorite aider


      One of the longest aiders I have used. It's about 6 feet I'd say. The two different colors are totally different so they are easy to tell witch one is left and witch is right.

      How long is it?

      How long is it?

      Best Answer

      Overall length: 74" (1880 mm)

      Step spacing: 9" (229 mm)

      11.5 oz. (326 g)


        Sturdy, durable, and functional. I plan to use this for hunting from a tree stand, but I'm sure it has many other design applications.