• Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - Burnt Henna
    Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - 3/4 Back
    Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - Sole
    Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - 3/4 Front
  • Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - Burnt Henna
  • Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - 3/4 Back
  • Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - Sole
  • Merrell - Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's - 3/4 Front
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Merrell Trail Glove 5 Shoe - Men's

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Tech Specs

Upper Material:
Mesh, TPU
Vibram TC5+
Support Type:
Barefoot 2
Heel / Forefoot Height:
11.5mm / 11.5mm
Claimed Weight:
Recommended Use:
trail running, training
Manufacturer Warranty:
limited lifetime

Trail Glove 5 Shoe

When taking an early morning trail run through the desert, you want a lightweight, breathable shoe that still offers protection against pieces of cholla and prickly pear that may be lurking in your path. Merrell's Men's Trail Glove 5 Shoe offers a barefoot feel that maintains rugged sole protection against the sharp surprises of the Southwest. Minimalist construction and a gloved fit make your feet feel practically barefoot as you weave your way through saguaros and creosote, but you'll be able to keep your eyes on the sunrise instead of the sharp rocks.

  • Running and training shoe for trips off of the beaten path
  • Mesh and TPU upper is breathable and abrasion resistant
  • TrailProtect rock plate helps lessen impact of ground debris
  • Vibram TC5+ sole grips muddy trails to inspire confidence
  • Breathable mesh lining wicks moisture to keep your feet happy
  • Lightweight construction helps you push to a new personal best


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: Runs large
  • Size Bought: 8.5

I've owned every version of the trail glove since their release. I find that these or not true to the product line. They no longer feel/ fit like a glove. The enlarged toe box is sloppy and takes away from the barefoot / glove experience that is expected from this shoe. If I wanted another sneaker I would have bought some new balance or Nike shoes. I returned my trail glove 5's and bought another set of 4's. Here's hoping they turn this ship around before the trail glove 6.🤞


    Wish I had read Austin's review below. Typically an 8.5 and ended up buying a 7.5.
    Also not a fan of the sloppy toe box.

    Good design updates, DANGEROUS sizing

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
    • Fit: Runs large
    • Size Bought: 10

    First off, the trail glove 4 has been my go to running shoe for the past year and a half now. I’ve happily dished out $300 for the 4 pairs I’ve worn out in that time. That being said, they weren’t perfect, and I was looking forward to the design improvements the 5 was supposed to bring to the table. To name a few: 1. Reinforced forefoot flex points 2. Wider toe box 3. Updated, more durable
    tread design. Not to mention the burnt henna color is beautiful. Anyways... I ordered them a half size smaller than usual, as that’s what some other reviews and Merrell suggested.
    They arrived a few hours ago, I put them on, and despite them still feeling too large, I convinced myself “hey, they’re the experts. If they say this will be better for my feet, alright.” WRONG.
    Should have gone with my gut then and returned them. Instead, I headed to my favorite trail, a moderately steep loop up and down a mountain. I just got back home, and let me tell you, whoever was in charge of sizing should be fired. These shoes are DANGEROUS. All 4 pairs of my trail glove 4’s were consistently sized and fit my 10.5 feet like a glove... y’know, how you’d expect a shoe named the trailGLOVE would fit. These, in size 10, left my feet absolutely swimming. I’m a forefoot runner, and had to cut my run short at half my usual distance due to the fact I was starting to get blisters, and my ankles rolled 3 times due to the incredibly oversized fit. Now, I’m returning them and getting a full size smaller than my usual, all because some designer got it in their heads that looser=better. Seriously, fire ‘em. If they’d done any testing with people who actually run downhill on technical terrain on which you have to be confident in your footing, they’d have realized they messed up, but I guess they skipped that stage.
    So, if you’re ordering these, SERIOUSLY, go a full size down. If not, don’t be surprised if you wind up with a twisted ankle or worse.

    I really enjoyed the detail in your review. Did you try a full size down? Or did you go back to the trail glove 4?


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    Merrell Sizing Notes:
    Merrell boots are designed to fit like your street shoes.
    When ordering Merrell boots, shoes, or sandals, you should reference your normal shoe size.
    What to Expect:
    A snug fit in the heel: In a stride, your foot bends at the ball, and the heel tries to pull away from the boot.
    Because of Merrell's precise fit, the upper follows the heel. This prevents the slipping and sliding that eventually causes blisters.
    Snug over the instep: Besides preventing the toes from sliding forward when you go down hill, a precise instep fit gives you internal control.
    When you're standing on sloping rocks, the boot sole doesn't sideslip underneath you.
    Toe Room: Merrell gives plenty of room to the toes. This room, combined with a sturdy toe box, protects the toes from getting bashed by rocks.
    Choosing Socks:
    For Hiking Boots choose heavyweight, thick, dense socks, with or without a liner sock.
    For Multi-Sport choose light-or medium-weight dense socks.
    Before You Take Your Merrells to the Trail:
    1) Try your new boots on over the correct sock combination without lacing.
    Stand and push your toes forward so they touch the front of the boot.
    You should be able to slip one finger into the space behind your heel.
    If there isn't enough room, the boot is probably too small and you should try the next half-size larger.
    For boots to be used while carrying a moderate-to-heavy pack, a full finger space is recommended.
    2) Tap your heel back in the heel cup and lace the boot.
    The boot should feel snug across the ball, around the instep, and in the heel.
    The arch should be comfortably supported and the toes should be free to wiggle and curl.
    3) To check the fit in the heel, walk up an incline. The heel should lift a maximum of 1/2 inch (1.75cm).
    4) The toes should not jam into the front of the boot.
    Checkthis by walking down an incline or tap your toe lightly into the floor or against the wall. If the boot fits correctly, the toes should gently touch the end of the boot.