Snap up.

Few things can ruin a ride faster than a slow, floppy set of 29in hoops, and Mercury Wheels delivers the snappy ride you're looking for with its X1 Carbon Enduro 29in Boost Wheelset. Featuring stiff carbon rims and beefy Boost axle widths, this wheelset tracks precisely across technical terrain and responds in a flash on climbs. Whether your day includes loose, hard, or chunky trails, the X1 carbon will go exactly where you point them without any hesitation.

The rims are fashioned with a hookless bead for a reliable rim-to-tire bead connection. In comparison to traditional hooked rims, and the hookless models demonstrate improved tire retention on-trail, minimizing burping and blow-offs. By eliminating the ridge of material constituting the hook, hookless beads also enjoy increased structural integrity—a definite plus when you consider the X1 Carbon is built for the big hits of enduro and all-mountain riding. We have found that mounting some tire brands can be a little tricky, but once they're on, the bead holds a tubeless setup as reliably as any other manufacturer's.

Finally, those stiff carbon rims are laced to Mercury's own hubs by 28 spokes. Before we get into the details on the spoke count, it bears mentioning that the weight bearing threads are laced in a two-cross pattern, which further increases stiffness for sharper mashing and tracking. Stiffness is already guaranteed with a carbon rim, though, which is one reason why we aren't sorry to trade the additional (and unnecessary) stiffness of a 32 spoke build for the lower weight of 28 spokes. Mercury drills their spoke holes post-rim production, and fewer spoke holes mean less drilling and, ultimately, a more structurally sound rim.

  • A carbon wheelset designed to handle all-mountain terrain
  • Hookless bead provides confident tubeless seal
  • Mid-width rim lets larger tires sit plump and plush
  • Spoke count balances stiffness and weight
  • Boost axles widths further improve stiffness
  • Includes tubeless tape and valves
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Quality Wheels

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've had these wheels for a year now and they preformed surprisingly well. I had my concerns about riding carbon rims but they have since vanished. I've ran the same low pressure and haven't ran into any problems with the bead of the rim.
The weight difference was very noticeable and the stiffness is great when pumping and pushing through every trail feature you can find.
Will definitely purchase another set for a future bike, hopefully near future.

Deals on Wheels

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Wheels have been stellar. Stiff when you need them to be but remain comfy through the rough stuff. Great quality and a price that I doubt can be beat.

Light, Strong, Snappy- amazing service

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Edit: updated review. I've got about a year on my 29" X1 carbons. The rims have held up perfectly through lots of trail riding including the PNW. They are light, strong, and rigid and look great on a blacked out bike. I did have a rear hub issue while on warranty. Mercury's warranty service has been incredible - they are a small company in Utah and their service rep Mike will work with you and your local bike shop.

Great Performance and Value!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The X1 offer stable ride, balanced and they look great. The wheels keep true in tough riding condition. Can't beat the quality of hand built in the USA.

Bomber Upgrade

    I've been running these wheels for a few months, and they've been fantastic. I have Enve's on my other bike, and I can't say I notice the difference when riding in engagement between the 52 tooth star ratchet of the 240 hub and the 4 pawl engagement of Mercury. If you're looking at a Stans Arch wheel, or a Trail S, I'd take a look at the X1s. I've had carbon wheels on my bikes for the past 5 years, and have had zero durability problems, whereas the one alloy set I've had in that time ended up getting a dent in the rim. The Mercurys are hand built in Ogden, and I have yet to have any reason to look at another option.

    Bomber Upgrade

    How are the bearing adjusted on the X1 carbon wheels if the wheel has lateral play?

    Hi Joseph, the rear is adjusted via cone wrench.