MaximGlider 9.9mm Rope

If you're looking for durability without resorting to thick rope, tie into the Maxim Glider.

The Maxim Glider 9.9mm Rope uses a Twill Pattern Technology sheath to provide the durability of a thick line with the amazing handling and lightweight of skinny ropes. By using single-pick construction to build the sheath, as is done on twin and half ropes, Maxim reduced both internal and external friction on the Glider to increase handling and durability. No longer will your rope fuzz up after three trips and wear out in a year. The Glider takes the abuse of the harshest rock with ease.

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    took a long time to break in, looks like new after tons of routs, the problem is that it went from looking and feeling new, to almost breaking really quick. it fray's really weird, make sure to send it back and have backcountry give you a new one when it wears out.

    fantastic rope!

      this rope is all that and then some. the single weave does make a lot of difference... i've had a 9.8mm monster rope, and that got shredded in about 3-4 outings. this rope has great feel, plenty of dry-treatment (it comes off on your hands the first few times you belay), and perfect weight/length ratio. sure, i would have liked a better marking for center, but that is minimum complaint for a rope that looks brand new still after a week at joshua tree.