MammutSmart 2.0 Belay Device

Belay intellectually.

Don't let a long day at the crag mess with the integrity of your belaying. With the Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Device, you'll have the help of assisted braking on your side. This lightweight belay device is perfect for gym and sport climbing, especially on long days spend climbing and lowering at the crag. Built to handle ropes between 8.7 and 10.5 millimeters wide, the Smart works well with any HMS locking carabiner and lowers smoothly and securely even when you're a little beat up from the day.

  • A durable belay device for safer and smoother belays and lowers
  • Assisted braking offers extra layer of safety
  • Durable steel insert resists wear for longer last
  • Handles easily for smooth lowering and slack feeding
  • Works with any HMS locking carabiner for low profile use
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Light and easy to use

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I like using a crag device that has a braking assist--I also like things that are simple and lightweight. Since it operates very similar to a standard belay device, there's never the confusion potential of holding it open when trying to brake-- I like this device so much that I started incorporating it into my Moab Women's Clinic. I did wonder how to use it if I wanted to rappel a fixed line: you can feed the rope in "backwards" of the normal direction (basically using it like a regular rappel device). It won't give you the brake assistance if you rappel this way, but it operates just like any other rap device. Another tip: when pulling out a lot of slack for a leader: hook your left thumb just under the lip of the handle and pull your thumb straight out from your waist area (the brake end will still be in your left hand) as you pull the slack out. This quickly becomes second nature, but my first instinct was to pull my thumb up rather than straight out, which is the most efficient direction. Great device, and it has become a staple for me!