Maloja OakM Jersey - Men's
MalojaOakM Jersey - Men's

Rocking and rolling

You were never a fan of listening to music while mountain biking for fear of riding right into a pair of hikers that could have been avoided by hearing footsteps and conversations beforehand. However, if you did, your sense of striped style from the Maloja Men's OakM Jersey leads us to suggest that you'd roll to rock, whether it be the punkish variety or chiller indie beats. As long as there are guitars and drums, you don't really discriminate what passes through your buds as you tackle the season's first jump and this jersey's microfleece is sure to keep you cozy as you shuffle through your playlist to find the best songs to roll to. Wait, didn't you say you didn't ride to music?

  • Jersey helps with warmth on shoulder season mountain bike rides
  • Thermopile microfleece assures steadfast warmth on brisk trails
  • Relaxed style wears over safety protection with ease
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