Louis Garneau 3002 Tee Base layer - Short-Sleeve - Men's

Don't clam up.

Competitive Cyclist presents: An Unhappy Scenario. When you head out on your first winter ride with your super-insulated, wind-blocking jacket, you're comfortable at first, but then your body warms up and you start sweating a little. After about 10 minutes, this sweat turns to clammy yuck against your skin, and the rest of the ride is spent in miserably chilly conditions. The moral of the story is that, with the new Louis Garneau 3002 Tee Base Layer, this unhappy scenario can be avoided, courtesy of the 3002's moisture wicking properties.

The material used in the 3002's construction, DryTex 3002, has a brushed interior for a soft fit that creates just enough loft to enhance insulation without adding bulk. It's also shot-through with micro pores that allow for moisture evacuation, a feature that's almost more important in a base layer than the material's insulating qualities. The 3002 enjoys anti-bacterial and odor control properties courtesy of a silver-based treatment. We definitely like this feature and think that you will, too, because not all cyclists wash their base layers after ever ride.

The Louis Garneau 3002 Tee Base Layer is available in five sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large in the color White.

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