Keep that beam clean.

The Taz 1500 Plus BarFly 4 MTB Mount Light Combo is one of the best mounting platforms for Light & Motion's Taz 1500 headlight. By offsetting the mount, but pivoting the Taz 1500 into a central alignment, the light avoids being obscured by pesky brake and shifter cables that cast long shadows along your ride. This tool is the most effective way to minimize light distortion and make that beam tight and fresh for rides in the hills and on the road.

  • A Taz 1500 (Black Pearl) with best-in-class mounting
  • 1500 lumens to meet the needs of your nocturnal outing
  • Side light feature offers extra visibility on the road
  • Water-resistant design for unanticipated rain
  • Charges through USB port for added convenience
  • Highly durable for unexpected impacts
  • Elevated mounting yields optimized beam pattern
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Arrives in Lock Out Mode

    It may seem like the light does not work when you first get it, it does, it's just in lock out mode. Per L&M Instructions:

    "Travel lockout mode is a way to lock your light off so that it will not accidentally turn on in your bag. This will help to preserve battery life. The lockout mode is crucial with the Taz because of the high lumen output. If the light accidentally turns on in your bag, it can generate enough heat to melt the lens.

    To unlock press and hold the power button and secondary button down at the same time until the indicator light blinks green 3 times. Now your light is ready to be powered on. The indicator light is located in the power button."