Holy bowl-y.

The most versatile board in Lib Tech's lineup, the Lib Tech Bowl Series Surfboard combines a high-performance nose, a straighter rail line, and a mid-low rocker for aggressive riding in small-to-medium waves. With thirty revolutionary and environmentally friendly innovations packed under your feet, you can feel confident that your board will last as long as you do.

A lightweight, waterproof, and closed-cell alloy core wrapped in the incredibly strong and ding-resistant 2D2D Volcanic Basalt Honeycomb establishes the board as an ultra-durable and responsive instrument of gnar. Mid-low rocker glides through flats, and the Horsepower shape creates ample speed without sacrificing control. The Maximum Intensity Leading Foil Fin System, along with a LVR43 High Rebound Matrix, create effortless glide through the water. Since no fin position is ideal for all conditions, Lib Tech created the Mo Box System that allows you to adjust your fins with just a few turns of the included Lib Tech fin key.

Innovating the way we ride waves is only important if there are still waves to ride. That's why all Lib Tech surfboards are built with the goal of preserving and enjoying the environment. The Bowl Series is designed to help you ride hard and live consciously for a magically awesome today and tomorrow.

  • A versatile shortboard that's magically fast
  • Eco-friendly construction eliminates need for epoxy
  • Blends durability and liveliness with flex and dampness
  • Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin is ding-resistant
  • FOC adjustable slot fin system offers adjustability
  • Elasto Perimeter dampening adds precision and pop
  • Sprock Blocks in rear are crush-resistant
  • Aircraft aluminum leash plug for lightweight reliability
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