The ultimate pole for cross country racers.

The Leki Ultimate Carbon Ski Pole is versatile, incredibly light, and efficient, and it's an excellent choice for cross country ski racing. Made with pure carbon, the ultralight shaft performs for optimal propulsion, giving it an ideal swing weight for speed-hungry skiers. Leki finished the shaft with its proprietary Ultra Sonic treatment to keep it shiny, speedy, and aerodynamic for years. The Trigger Shark grip consists of a hard core for stability, a cork insert for good grip, and a thin design for enhanced dynamic performance. The World Cup strap clips to the grip and can be quickly unclipped with the release button at the top of the pole, just in case. This comes in handy when you're warming up before the start of the race and you want to quickly shed a top layer without having to take your hands out of the pole straps. This strap is small, strong, flexible, and ensures an ideal fit for any hand size. Leki equipped this pole with a lightweight basket that was designed specifically for racing and a carbide flex tip that cuts through ice like a hot knife through a stick of butter.

  • Carbon shaft
  • Trigger Shark grip
  • World Cup performance strap
  • Super Race tip and basket
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