Lazer P'Nut MIPS Helmet - Kids'

Adapts to ever-changing whims of kids.

We're guessing you already realize the importance of your kid wearing a helmet, so we'll cut to the chase and fill you in about the premium protection and adaptable style of the Lazer Kids' P'Nut MIPS Helmet. Since kids are especially picky about their looks, Lazer offers interchangeable Crazy Nutshells (sold separately) for a fun-loving look ranging from interstellar astronaut to fluffy pink pet. Because kids experience growth spurts, the P'Nut Helmet features an Autofit retention system that adapts its fit to rapidly growing kids.

In-mold construction gives the P'Nut certified impact protection, giving parents peace of mind when their kids finally take the training wheels off. It enjoys the upgraded protection of MIPS technology. This technology is designed to protect from falls in real world scenarios, which often occur at an angled impact with the asphalt. MIPS achieves this by placing a low-friction elastomeric liner inside the helmet, which moves subtly upon impact to effectively disperse the rotational forces.

  • Fun-loving helmet adapts its style for picky kids
  • Separate snap-on covers available through Lazer
  • In-mold construction for certified impact protection
  • MIPS technology disperses rotational forces of impact
  • Autofit retention system adapts to growing kids
  • 16 vents effectively disperse excess heat
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