Wherever the current takes you.

If you are a stand-up paddleboarder who finds themselves meandering down a shallow and gentle river one weekend and then touring around the parameter of a lake the next, then the Pipes II Adjustable Paddle by Kialoa is made for you. Designed for high-cadence paddling, smaller paddlers, or individuals looking to be more gentle on their bodies, the profile of the Pipes II Adjustable is made for long-distance touring and varying conditions.

Built with a full carbon shaft, this paddle is incredibly light and easy to handle. The carbon-foam-core PowerARC curved blade profile creates an early catch to give you power right from the beginning of your stroke, while the smaller 83 square-inch surface area is easier to handle to help preserve your energy on longer-distance tours. When paddling through shallower rivers with rocky beds, the internal carbon edging helps enhance the blades durability against abrasions in the water. And with the six-inch Pro-T adjustable insert, you can adjust the paddle length when you switch between shallow rivers and deeper lakes.

  • Adjustable all-water SUP paddle for wherever you go
  • Carbon shaft and blade make this paddle incredibly lightweight
  • Curved blade catches the water earlier for enhanced power
  • Efficient blade designed for high cadence and gentle touch
  • Adjustable insert adjusts six-inches for varying conditions
  • Ergonomic t-grip handle gives control with comfortable positioning
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