KAVU Fisherman's Chillba Hat
KAVUFisherman's Chillba Hat

Highly functional sun-blocking extraordinaire.

The Kavu Chillba Fisherman Hat might look a bit funny but your buddies won’t be laughing when they’re sunburned and fishless, and you’re happy and already at your limit. Supplex nylon repels water and wire brim keeps its shape no matter how long it's been stashed in the bottom of you pack.

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A fun lifestyle collection for men, women, and kids! Our fall 2017 line is full of deep tones, forest vibes, and fun prints that stitch their way into your life and style. It's pretty much magical! Whether your chasing your kids down trails, camping next to alpine lakes, or taking that Land Cruiser down the highway. There is always one common thread every day you wear KAVU...you know you are making the most of it!