K2Wayback 104 SKi - Men's

The way back is the best part.

You didn't haul K2's Wayback 104 Ski and a weighty backpack filled with avalanche safety gear all the way into the backcountry for solely for the exercise and beautiful scenery, although those are reasons enough. No, you'd like the reward of sweet, creamy turns down untouched, soft, deep, powder, and the Wayback makes sure you get the most out of each turn. Its beefy 104mm waist works with the all-terrain rocker to deliver excellent flotation and a wide turn radius so you can charge down snowy aprons. There's enough camber underfoot for the ski to hold an edge when you come across firmer snow, because all's not fluffy outside the resort.

K2 built the Wayback out of a lightweight wood core composed of paulownia and maple to keep the ski's weight at a backcountry-friendly weight of nearly four pounds per plank. That's not exactly the lightest ski out there for backcountry, but that makes it all the better for the downhill, which is the best part after all. Carbon stringers stiffen up the ski's flex zones at the tip and tail to reduce chatter when you increase speed.

  • Backcountry ski with plenty of oomph for the way back
  • 104mm is undoubtedly a powder hovering vehicle
  • All terrain rocker navigates deep snow on uphill and down
  • Camber underfoot holds an edge on the occasional firm section
  • Lightweight wood core paired with carbon stringers for stiffness
  • Half cap construction includes durable sidewalls underfoot
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